Meet the 2016 GOP Candidates For President — and Their Positions On #Immigration

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January 22, 2014                                                                          650-464-1545

Meet the 2016 GOP Candidates For President — and Their Positions On Immigration

All the Resources You Need Ahead of Steve King’s Iowa Freedom Summit
Washington, DC – This weekend, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is gathering a majority of the 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls at the Iowa Freedom Summit, where the likes of Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and many more will come to kiss King’s ring and attempt to build up a base in Iowa for their upcoming campaigns.

Not all the 2016 Republican potentials are coming — citing scheduling conflicts — although it may just simply be that they don’t want the photo-op with Steve King.  But as the potentials gather this weekend, and many more times in the next year and a half, America’s Voice is releasing a new research guide on each candidate’s history on immigrants and immigration reform.  It’s available here.

Additionally, in advance of the summit, DREAMers and local leaders are mobilizing to set the record straight when it comes to Iowa and immigration.  Earlier today, advocates held a press call to highlight the release of a new Des Moines Register print ad and op-ed explaining where the majority of Iowans stand on this key issue.  At the summit, DREAMer activists will also be publically confronting 2016 hopefuls, calling on them to define their immigration positions.

All the resources you need are available here:

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