Obama Plugs ‘Immigration Rights’ in Labor Day Address

The President’s inclusion of “Immigration Rights” with the epic struggles of American democracy–civil rights, women’s rights, voting rights, gay rights and workers’ rights–suggests Mr. Obama sees the struggle for immigration reform as an historic movement not tied to party or politics but inherent to the American democratic experience.

Notice he used the term “immigration rights” not “immigrants’ rights”? “Immigration rights” carries with it political, social and cultural significance while “immigrants’ rights” is a more direct reference to redress of rights through the courts. Mr. Obama’s statement is significant because if he truly views “immigration rights” with the same reverence as he does “civil rights” he can neither politically nor morally justify further delay in the use of his lawful authority to make the immigration system work better until Congress acts. The President’s reference to “immigration rights” together with the other epic American civil liberties movements suggests executive action is imminent. After all, how can Mr. Obama postpone protecting any right?

About David Leopold
Past President American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), In-the-Trenches practicing immigration Attorney, Blogger, Activist, Photographer, Educator, World Traveler. All opinions are my own.

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