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Path To Citizenship

Rep. Jeff Denham: 11/13/13: “This issue is not dead…I think it’s important to do it this year.” [Los Angeles Times, 11/13/13]

Rep. Mike Coffman: 11/10/13: The Denver Post reported, “Coffman says he believes they should eventually be able to apply for citizenship.” [The Denver Post, 11/10/13]

Rep. David Valadao: 10/29/13: Rep. Valadao Press Release: “Congressman Valadao expressed his support for a pathway to citizenship for those currently undocumented in the United States as well as his desire to ensure the issue was addressed this year.” [Office of Rep. David Valadao – Press Release, 10/29/13]

Rep. Jeff Denham: 10/27/13: “I support an earned path to citizenship to allow those who want to become citizens to demonstrate a commitment to our country, learn English, pay fines and back taxes and pass background checks. This is a common-sense solution to our broken system. I also support a faster pathway for the children who were brought here by their parents through no fault of their own, who have been raised in America and educated in our schools and have no other country to call home.” [Office of Rep. Jeff Denham – Press Release, 10/27/13]

Rep. Jeff Denham: 10/4/13: “I support a pathway to earned citizenship that starts by requiring those applying to learn English, pay fines and back taxes, and wait in line behind those who have already applied for citizenship legally. The Senate’s proposal establishes a three-step process to earned citizenship, following current law for achieving both a green card and ultimately citizenship, if desired.” [The Modesto Bee, 10/4/13]

Rep. Bob Goodlatte: 9/19/13: “I wouldn’t give them what I would call a special pathway to citizenship…I would give them an earned pathway to citizenship.” [Politico, 9/19/13]

Rep. Chris Stewart: 9/5/13: “QUESTIONER: You’re saying you do – you’re okay with them getting citizenship? Not blocking, necessarily, but it would be along the same lines as they are now.  So kind of like Chaffetz said, he agrees with the path to citizenship, not a special path and not no path. Would you second that?

STEWART: I think that’s exactly right. As I understood what you’re saying to me I think what you said was exactly right.” [YouTube, 9/5/13]

Rep. Steve Southerland: 8/30/13: The Miami Herald reported, “Conservative tea party Congressman Steve Southerland has become the latest Republican to voice support for the concept of a pathway to citizenship for some undocumented immigrants. ‘We have to address it. It’s a moral issue,’ Southerland, who represents a conservative Deep South district encompassing Panama City and Tallahassee, told The Miami Herald during a Friday meeting in Miami. Southerland’s support isn’t full-throated or guaranteed. He said he needs to see the details of actual legislation. He wants strict, real and fast border security.” [The Miami Herald, 8/30/13]

Rep. Mark Amodei: 8/14/13: “At the end of 10 years, if you want to become a citizen, you go to the (federal immigration system) and start the process just like anybody else…I don’t think that’s amnesty.” [Reno Gazette Journal, 8/14/13]

Rep. Mark Amodei: 2/10/13: The Las Vegas Sun reported, “…unlike many members of his party, Amodei is amenable to the idea of a pathway to citizenship — and says an entry program that doesn’t respect the principle of family reunification is a nonstarter.   ‘I’m willing to look at that — if all you’ve done is broken the immigration law, to be able to earn your way to a state where you can apply for citizenship,’ Amodei said.” [Las Vegas Sun, 2/10/13]

 Rep. Spencer Bachus: 7/10/13: “I support a pathway to citizenship because I don’t believe we should have a second class of citizens.” [Wall Street Journal, 7/10/13]

Rep. Spencer Bachus: 6/13/13: “And — because I don’t think we ought to have two classes of long-term residents, I even support a pathway to citizenship. But I do think it ought to be earned.” [CQ Transcriptions – Rep. Robert W. Goodlatte Holds a Hearing on the Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement Act, 6/13/13]

Rep. Jason Chaffetz: 8/21/13: “There should be a pathway to citizenship, not a special pathway, and not no pathway, but there has to be a legal, lawful way to go through this process that works and right now it doesn’t.”  [KTVX-SLC (ABC) – Salt Lake City, 8/21/13]

 Rep. Mike Coffman: 7/24/13: The Denver Post reported, “Rep. Mike Coffman, a Republican from Aurora…said he believes comprehensive immigration reform, increased border security and a provisional legal status for the millions of undocumented people living in the United States now needs to happen mostly simultaneously. Then, when it has been proven the border is secure, a pathway to apply for legal citizenship should be opened for all undocumented people, he said.” [Denver Post, 7/24/13]

 Rep. Mike Coffman: 7/21/13: “I believe that these young people should be afforded a pathway to citizenship.” [Denver Post, 7/21/13]

 Rep. Jim Costa: 7/1/13: “We must give the 11 million people that are currently living in the shadow the opportunity they deserve to become a part of this great country of ours.” [Fresno Bee, 7/1/13]

Rep. Jeff Denham: 8/22/13: The Patterson Irrigator reported, “When asked point blank by several of the people who gave testimonies whether he supported a pathway to citizenship Denham didn’t waiver.  ‘I have and I will,’ he said.” [Patterson Irrigator, 8/22/13]

Rep. Jeff Denham: 8/8/13: The Modesto Bee reported, “Denham met with many members of the informal group previously in June, about the time the U.S. Senate was passing its comprehensive immigration reform bill. He has publicly supported the sweeping legislation, but it has met roadblocks in the House…‘The Senate bill won’t get a vote in the House, and it’s something that could have helped this community,’ Denham said to the some 25 people present. ‘I am frustrated. I thought we’d get this done before the August work period. I think the Senate made tremendous progress. It was done bipartisan and I thought that would be enough to get the House moving forward.’  [Modesto Bee, 8/8/13]

Rep. Charlie Dent: 8/21/13: “For the balance of those folks, I think it will be a long hard trek to a legal status, and for some that may ultimately result in citizenship.” [Video via Washington Post, 8/21/13]

Rep. Charlie Dent, 6/27/13: “Many members, including myself, are open to some kind of earned path to a lawful status that, to many, would result in earned citizenship.” [L.A. Times, 6/27/13]

 Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart: 7/14/13: “BOB SCHIEFFER: Congressman Diaz-Balart, do you think that the House can come up with some sort of plan that deals with the 11 million people that are in this country now? Because it seems to me, until you can come up with some realistic plan to deal with them, the rest of it doesn’t really matter.

REP. DIAZ-BALART: No, I think we will reach that — that point.” [CBS News – Face The Nation, 7/14/13]

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart: 6/28/13: “…we have to deal with the reality, whether we like it or not, that there are millions of people who are here, we have to figure out a way to come out of the shadows…And then give those who have been here for many, many years, who have been working, a way to earn their way into legalization.” [Bloomberg – Political Capital With Al Hunt, 6/28/13]

 Rep. Blake Farenthold: 7/3/13: “Getting to citizenship is going to be tough, but never say never.”[New York Times, 7/3/13]

Rep. Bob Goodlatte: 7/11/13: USA Today reported, “‘I and other members are open-minded to the idea that [undocumented immigrants] should have a way to come out of the shadows, to be able to work, to have their own businesses, to pay their taxes, to travel back and forth to their home country and elsewhere.’  After attaining that status, Goodlatte said, they could then apply for legal permanent residence and eventually U.S. citizenship through avenues that are already available to foreigners…” [USA Today, 7/11/13]

Rep. Michael Grimm: 7/30/13: WNYC reported, “Congressman Grimm recently told reporters that citizenship for immigrants in the country illegally is ‘the ultimate goal.’” [WNYC, 7/30/13]

Rep. Joe Heck: 8/12/13: “I believe that the pathway that the Senate bill has laid out is a reasonable pathway. I think when you look at having to go through background checks, having to pay a fine, having to make sure that your tax liabilities are paid, making sure that you’re in a provisional status for a period of time, where you have to learn English, you have to show that you’ve got a job — there’s a lot of safeguards here.” [Video via Washington Post, 8/12/13]

Rep. Joe Heck: 7/19/13: “I’ve said, and I’ve always said, that I think a tough but fair pathway to earned citizenship that doesn’t allow anyone to jump to the front of the line, that has certain benchmarks that need to be met, like the ability to show that you can support yourself and your family, that you can speak English, that you have a clean criminal and national security background check, that I would support those.” [KNPR, 7/19/13]

Rep. Darrell Issa: 2/6/13: “Ultimately, if you’re allowed to remain in this country permanently, in almost all cases, there should be a path to citizenship. That is what Abraham Lincoln would have said. That’s what the Republican Party stands for.” [Real Clear Politics, 2/6/13]

Sen. Ron Johnson: 5/8/13: “It is not healthy to have 11 million undocumented individuals in a country. We need to find out who those people are, provide them some sort of legal status.” [Shorewood Patch, 5/8/13]

Rep. Mike Kelly: 7/14/13: “So is there a path to citizenship? I think there is.” [CBS News – Face The Nation, 7/14/13]

Rep. Peter King: 6/5/13: “As far as if we do have security — and I feel that it’s never going to be 100 percent — but as close to full security as possible for the future, then I believe we should legalize those that are here.” [New York Daily News, 6/5/13]

Rep. Raul Labrador: 3/20/13: “What I think should happen is anyone who is here illegally can come out of the shadows, become legalized in some way, have some legal status, and that status could lead to legal permanent residency and citizenship eventually…” [CNN, 3/20/13]

Rep. Raul Labrador: 6/5/13: “If we can fix the borders, if we can deal with future flow, if we can do interior enforcement, I think [conservative members’] positions on the citizenship issue will begin to soften.” [National Journal, 6/5/13]

Rep. James Lankford: 7/10/13: The Associated Press reported, “‘I wouldn’t prohibit forever’ people from getting citizenship, said Congressman James Lankford, a Republican. ‘I’m a Christian, and restitution and reconciliation’s a big deal. If you do something illegal or inappropriate you should be able to resolve that, face the penalty, clear it and be forgiven.’” [Associated Press, 7/10/13]

Rep. Kevin McCarthy: 8/7/13: The Daily Pilot reported, “[Rep. McCarthy] promoted a guest-worker program and legal status for many immigrants but stopped short of offering a path to citizenship.   ‘What you then have to address is the 11 million that are here considered illegal,’ he said. ‘I personally believe it’s different for someone who’s been here 30 years than if they’ve been here three months.’” [Daily Pilot, 8/7/13]

 Rep. Pat Meehan: 7/9/13: “It’s within my contemplation that we’ve got to figure out some kind of earned legal status for people who are here… It’s impractical to assume that we’re going to move 12 million people out of our borders.” [Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/9/13]

 Rep. Gary Miller: 4/5/13: The Press-Enterprise reported, “‘I think whatever you’re going to do, you’re not going to take people that came here illegally and put them in the front of the line,’ [Rep. Miller] said. ‘You’re going to put them in line to become citizens.’   When [Radio Bilingüe’s Samuel Orozco] asked Miller whether he would support ‘earned legal status and citizenship for most of the 11 million undocumented immigrants,’ the congressman responded, ‘What you said there is something I would agree with. You said earned. I think that’s appropriate.’” [Press Enterprise, 4/5/13]

Rep. Devin Nunes: 7/23/13: The San Francisco Chronicle reported, “The Chronicle contacted every GOP House member from California. Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Tulare, was the only other Republican [besides Rep. David Valadao] to support a pathway.” [San Francisco Chronicle, 7/23/13]

Rep. Tom Reed: 8/19/13: “On the issue of immigration, especially when you bring up the kids, that is something that I’m sensitive to, that I recognize, that these individuals, especially the kids, came here innocently. And there needs to be a path forward for them. And that path forward includes citizenship.” [Video via Think Progress, 8/19/13]

Rep. David Reichert: 8/7/13:  “Now, what about those folks, though, that have been here 25 years, and they have family and they have kids that have come over, their kids have gone to school, they came over when they were little, now they’re high school age and they’re graduating?  What do you do with those people? You don’t arrest them….I want them to pay a fine, there’s some penalties they have to through, steps that they are going to go through. I want to hold them accountable and then they get citizenship and pay taxes…” [KVI Talk Radio 570, 8/7/13Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: 2/6/13: “I’m in favor of a citizenship path…”  [Real Clear Politics, 2/6/13]

Rep. Paul Ryan: 6/24/13: “At the end of the day, if everybody else in line who came here legally and did everything right is through the system and a person then, after an exhaustive period, after a probationary period, after a green card, not consuming any government benefits, wants to get in line like everybody else for citizenship, we should allow that person to do that…That’s earning the right to be a citizen.” [Washington Times, 6/24/13]

Rep. Paul Ryan: 7/10/13: The Washington Post reported, “[Rep. Paul Ryan] has held private meetings with members of the group and has reached out to other Republicans to try to find support for a comprehensive plan that would include a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million immigrants already in the country illegally.” [Washington Post, 7/10/13]

Rep. Mark Sanford: 7/16/13: The State reported, “US Rep. Mark Sanford believes Congress ultimately will pass an immigration reform bill that contains a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented workers already in the U.S…‘Once it leaves House, I think it will be the Senate side that prevails,’ he said Monday.  Sanford supports a path to citizenship after U.S. borders have been secured, he said.” [The State (SC), 7/16/13]

Rep. Aaron Schock: 8/5/13: “I think there needs to be a secure border, and when that happens and people pay their back taxes, and they haven’t committed any violations of laws. They have been here on a probationary period, then they can apply for citizenship…” [Town Hall event via YouTube, 8/5/13]

 Rep. David Valadao: 7/23/13: “There’s no reason why such a route to citizenship shouldn’t be on the table.”  [San Francisco Chronicle, 7/23/13]

Rep. David Valadao: 7/1/13: “Once you talk to the members and explain to them it’s a process, where they can work for it, appreciate it and someday become citizens — just like my parents did — most members begin to understand.” [Fresno Bee, 7/1/13]

Rep. Greg Walden: 6/3/13: USA Today reported, “[Walden] endorsed the inclusion of a path to citizenship for many of the estimated 11 million immigrants now in the United States illegally. ‘If they pay a fine, if they true up in all their areas and then go to the back of the line, there’s probably a way then that they can get there,’ he said.” [USA Today, 6/3/13]

 Rep. Daniel Webster: 8/4/13: The Orlando Sentinel reported, “On the same day Congress adjourned for a five-week break, U.S. Rep. Dan Webster did something he’s avoided for months: speak at length about immigration reform and declare his support for an approach that would give unauthorized immigrants a pathway to citizenship..” [Orlando Sentinel, 8/4/13]

 Senate Bill/Need For CIR

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart: 11/13/13: “I remain steadfast in the fact that the House needs to take up immigration reform. I urge Speaker Boehner to remain open to any options that allow us to solve this crucial issue. It has been said time and time again that our immigration system is broken, and we must come together to find a sensible solution to fix it. I continue to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle on a bill that secures our border, respects the rule of law, strengthens our economy, modernizes the visa system, and addresses the millions of undocumented immigrants in a way that is both reasonable and humane.” [Office of Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart – Press Release, 11/13/13]

Rep. Mike Coffman: 11/10/13: The Denver Post reported, “Aurora GOP Rep. Mike Coffman, who admits he has evolved his position on immigration because of his new district, says he believes in comprehensive immigration reform. But only after there is an independently verified secure border would he support allowing 11 million individuals living in the country without legal permission to apply for permanent legal status from a temporary status.”  [The Denver Post, 11/10/13]

Rep. Fred Upton: 11/1/13: “…the current system is really broken in every way…I will be part of a bipartisan effort to fix the problem, because it has to be fixed…To me, doing nothing is not acceptable….I do believe that we’ll have at least half our caucus for it…” [Kalamazoo Gazette, 11/1/13]

Rep. David Valadao: 11/1/13: “We’ve got to do something…Leadership has to recognize that this is important to more of us than less of us…” [Los Angeles Times, 11/1/13]

Rep. David Valadao: 10/30/13: The Hanford Sentinel reported, “Denham made waves last week when he thumbed his nose at GOP leaders and announced himself as a co-sponsor of a bipartisan immigration package called HR 15. The measure cleared the Senate last year, but has gotten little support in the GOP-dominated House. ‘If my signing on to it helps move the [process] forward, I’m happy to do that,’ Valadao said, adding that he’s still working with House Republicans to see if an alternative package is possible.” [The Hanford Sentinel, 10/30/13]

Rep. David Valadao: 10/29/13: “Many of my Republicans colleagues in the House understand the benefits of comprehensive immigration reform and they too would like to see legislation come before the House for a vote….I will do everything in my power to ensure that immigration reform is addressed in the House of Representatives before the end of the year.” [Office of Rep. David Valadao – Press Release, 10/29/13]

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: 10/29/13: Rep. Ros-Lehtinen Press Release: “Today, Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a senior member of the Florida Congressional delegation, announced her support for H.R. 15, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, a comprehensive bipartisan bill to fix the current, broken immigration system.” [Office of Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen – Press Release, 10/29/13]

Rep. Jeff Denham: 10/27/13: Rep. Denham Press Release: “U.S. Representative Jeff Denham (R-Turlock) today announced his co-sponsorship of H.R. 15, the House immigration bill introduced October 2, 2013 by Representative Joe Garcia (D-FL), on Univisión’s Sunday show ‘Al Punto.’ Rep. Denham is the first Republican to co-sponsor the bill.” [Office of Rep. Jeff Denham – Press Release, 10/27/13]

Rep. Devin Nunes: 10/10/13: The Fresno Bee reported, “Nunes said it’s ‘vital’ to national security and that he wants to ‘secure our dangerous southern border while providing a humane solution for illegal immigrants already in America.’” [The Fresno Bee, 10/10/13]

Rep. David Valadao: 10/2/13: Politico reported, “Rep. David Valadao (R-Calif.) said, ‘there’s a lot of good things’ in the Senate Gang of Eight immigration bill and indicated some interest in the House Democratic plan. ‘If there’s some common-sense legislation out there, it doesn’t matter who starts it,’ Valadao said. ‘If there’s an opportunity to do something that’s moving the ball forward, I’ll look at it.’” [Politico, 10/2/13]

Rep. Spencer Bachus: 6/13/13: “And I — I think you know that I have advocated for a comprehensive approach.” [CQ Transcriptions – Rep. Robert W. Goodlatte Holds a Hearing on the Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement Act, 6/13/13]

Rep. Eric Cantor: 8/4/13: “We will have a vote on a series of bills at some point, Chris. And it will deal with a variety of issues. Border security is a really important issue. Because it goes to the trust factor as well. We also, as you know, I have been very active in promoting what I’m calling a kids’ bill. It’s not — and it says that you ought not hold kids liable for illegal acts of their parents.”  [Fox News Sunday, 8/4/13]

Rep. Mike Coffman: 7/21/13: “A comprehensive immigration reform proposal must incorporate three essential elements: it must secure our borders and provide for the effective enforcement of our immigration laws; it must contribute to the economic growth of our country; and it must be compassionate in keeping families together.” [Denver Post, 7/21/13]

Rep. Tom Cole: 7/14/13: “I am not surprised that the Senate bill can’t make it in the House…But I do think the eight senators that started the effort produced a decent product. And I think it got better. That’s why it picked up Republican support along the way.” [ABC News – This Week, 7/14/13]

 Rep. Jeff Denham: 8/9/13: “The Senate bill won’t get a vote in the House, and it’s something that could have helped this community…I am frustrated. I thought we’d get this done before the August work period. I think the Senate made tremendous progress. It was done bipartisan and I thought that would be enough to get the House moving forward.” [Modesto Bee, 8/9/13]

Rep. Cory Gardner: 8/9/13: “I strongly support immigration reform.” [Sterling Journal-Advocate (CO), 8/9/13]

Rep. Doc Hastings: 8/13/13: The Columbia Basin Herald reported, “[Rep. Doc] Hastings also addressed immigration reform, which he hopes passes by the end of the year.” [Columbia Basin Herald (WA), 8/12/13]

Rep. Joe Heck: 7/4/13: “There are some good things in [the Senate bill] …I think there are things in there that can serve as a framework for some of the House bills…”  [Las Vegas Sun, 7/4/13]

 Rep. Darrell Issa: 2/5/13: “Well, I think that the Senate was ahead of everyone, and on a bipartisan basis they outlined some of the structures of a good, bipartisan bill.” [FOX News Happening Now, 2/5/13]

 Rep. Raul Labrador: 7/10/13: “It’s a good start, there’s a lot of good things in the Senate bill…” [MSNBC – Alex Wagner, 7/10/13]

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: 6/28/13: “I support it [the Senate bill]…We are a nation of laws and we are also a nation of fairness and opportunity and I think that that bill strikes that balance…” [CNN, 6/28/13]

Rep. Paul Ryan: 7/10/13: The Washington Post reported, “[Rep. Paul Ryan] has held private meetings with members of the group and has reached out to other Republicans to try to find support for a comprehensive plan that would include a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million immigrants already in the country illegally.” [Washington Post, 7/10/13]

Rep. David Valadao: 7/9/13: The Fresno Bee reported, “[Rep.] Valadao said the Senate bill was a good start, and a path to citizenship should be part of immigration reform, but ‘everything should be on the table,’ he said. ‘At the end of the day, we have to get something that works for everybody and something that works for the long term.’” [Fresno Bee, 7/9/13]

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