Must Read #Immigration News, Opinions and Editorials–08/12/2013

Los Angeles Times: Immigration reform creates odd political alliances
By Brian Bennett and Joseph Tanfani
August 11, 2013,0,2010995.story


Associated Press: Some House Republicans untouched by campaign for immigration overhaul

By Erica Werner

August 11, 2013


Financial Times: Republican Bob Goodlatte is linchpin for US immigration reform

By Stephanie Kirchgaessner

August 9, 2013




The Hill: Big bills pile up for House GOP

By Russell Berman

August 10, 2013


Washington Post: Harry Reid aiming to ‘win’ with Senate immigration bill

By Ruth Tam

August 9, 2013


Roll Call: Zuckerberg Tracks Down Members of Congress for Immigration Ads

By Kent Cooper

August 9, 2013




ABC/Univision: Obama: House Has Votes to Pass Senate Immigration Bill

By Jordan Fabian

August 9, 2013


Politico: Obama: GOP politics stopping immigration bill

By Seung Min Kim

August 9, 2013


International Business Times: Immigration Reform 2013: ‘Deporter In Chief’ Obama Shouldn’t Seek Political Advantage From Gridlock, Advocate Says

By Laura Matthews

August 11, 2013




Politico: Steve King: Immigration remarks not debunked

By Tal Kopan

August 11, 2013


CBS News: Rep. Steve King stands by divisive immigration comments

By Jake Miller

August 11, 2013


Mother Jones: Meet the Immigration Reformers in Steve King’s Iowa

By Tim Murphy

August 12, 2013




ABC News: Donald Trump Says Immigration Bill May Be ‘Death Wish’ for GOP

By Michael Falcone

August 11, 2013




USA Today: Immigration debate ensnares foreign workers

By Alan Gomez

August 11, 2013


Reuters: For mixed-status families, U.S. immigration reform would end anxiety

By Richard Cowan

August 10, 2013


Fox News: Loophole reportedly allows immigrants to use ‘key words’ to get asylum

August 11, 2013




NPR: Texas Congressman Pulled In Two Directions Over Immigration

By David Welna

August 9, 2013


Victoria Advocate (Texas): Congressman Farenthold on health care, immigration (video)

By Elana Watts

August 9. 2013


Houston Chronicle (Texas): Ad links Blake Farenthold to embattled Iowa Republican Steve King

August 9, 2013


Longview News-Journal (Texas): As state’s Hispanic minority grows, GOP faces challenge

By Glenn Evans

August 11, 2013


Greely Tribune (Colorado): March, rally press Gardner on immigration reform

By Trenton Sperry

August 11, 2013


Pueblo Chieftan (Colorado): Vilsack pushing Senate reform bill as answer

By Peter Roper

August 9, 2013


Sacramento Bee (California): Catholic bishop blesses pilgrims marching for change in immigration laws

By Stephen Magagini

August 12, 2013


The Morning Journal (Ohio): Rep. Jordan: House using step-by-step approach on immigration

By Richard Payerchin

August 10, 2013




Washington Post: With lure of religious classes, Iran seeks to recruit Latin Americans

By Joby Warrick

August 10, 2013


Wall Street Journal: U.S. Expats Balk at Tax Law

By Mariko Sanchanta and Jason Chow

August 12, 2013


Fox News Latino: ‘Elysium’ Star Diego Luna Says Film’s Immigration Story Line Not Far From Reality

By Naibe Reynoso

August 8, 213




News-Press (Missouri—Editorial): Immigration impacts all of us

August 10, 2013


Washington Post (Editorial): Law enforcement can’t harass suspected undocumented immigrants

August 11, 2013


Los Angeles Times (Editorial): Reining in immigration scammers

August 11, 2013,0,1659241.story


Washington Post (Blog): If House GOP leaders decide they want immigration reform, we’ll get it

By Greg Sargent

August 9, 2013


Washington Post (Blog): Everything you know about immigration is wrong

By Ezra Klein

August 10, 2013


Politico (Opinion): Why can’t we talk about IQ?

By Jason Richwine

August 9, 2013


MSNBC (Maddow Blog): Richwine returns

By Steve Benen

August 9, 2013


Kansas City Star (Opinion): It’s time for Kobach’s illegal immigration clients to send him back home

By Mary Sanchez

August 11, 2013


National Review (Opinion): Let There Be Amnesty!

By Mark Kirkorian

August 9, 2013


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin–Opinion): A way forward on immigration?

By Doris Meissner

August 11, 2013


Cincinnati Inquirer (Ohio—Opinion): We rally to fix broken immigration system

By Julia Tellez

August 12, 2013


The Missourian (Missouri—Opinion): Immigration reform could help agriculture, boost economic growth

By Mark Cadle

August 11, 2013


Magic Valley News (Idaho—Opinion): Two Sides of the Story on Immigration

By Ann Youts

August 11, 2013


Southwest Farm Press (Texas—Opinion): No action on immigration reform equates to giving illegals amnesty

By Ron Smith

August 9, 2013


New York Times (Opinion): How the Post Was Lost

By Ross Douthat

August 10, 2013

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Past President American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), In-the-Trenches practicing immigration Attorney, Blogger, Activist, Photographer, Educator, World Traveler. All opinions are my own.

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