Must Read #Immigration Headlines–08/02/2013

Washington Post (Updated): Immigration advocates deliver cantaloupes to House GOP lawmakers

By Ed O’Keefe

August 1, 2013


Huffington Post: Cantaloupes Delivered To Congress Members Who Voted For Rep. Steve King’s Immigration Amendment

By Ashley Balcerzak

August 1, 2013


US News and World Report: Cantaloupes Sent To Representatives Who Voted Against Deferment

By Emily Stanton

August 1, 2013


NBC Latino: Watch: Immigration activists deliver cantaloupes picked by immigrants to House members, Steve King

By Alessandra Hickson

August 1, 2013




Associated Press: Pro-immigration activists push for action; 41 demonstrators arrested after blocking traffic

August 1, 2013


Reuters: Activists mobilize for busy August on immigration, Obamacare

By Caren Bohan

August 1, 2013


Wall Street Journal: Immigration Advocates Arrested Near Capitol

By Laura Meckler

August 1, 2013


Politico: Immigration activists arrested at rally

By Seung Min Kim

August 1, 2013


Huffington Post: Immigration Activists Arrested In Pro-Reform Protest Near Capitol

By Elise Foley

August 1, 2013


ABC News: Immigration Advocates Arrested on Capitol Hill

By Serena Marshall

August 1, 2013


CBS: Pro-Immigration Protesters Arrested Outside U.S. Capitol

August 1, 2013


NBC Latino: Arrests following civil disobedience action on immigration reform in D.C.

By Sandra Lilley

August 1, 2013


McClatchy Newspapers: Dozens arrested in pro-immigration protest at U.S. Capitol

By Franco Ordonez and Kevin Thibodeaux

August 1, 2013


Texas Tribune: Immigration Stays in Spotlight as Congress Recesses

By Julian Aguilar

August 1, 2013


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Milwaukee immigration activist among those arrested in D.C. protest

By Georgia Pabst

August 1, 2013


Voxxi: Immigration reform activists arrested for civil disobedience

By Griselda Nevarez

August 1, 2013


Talk Radio News Service: Immigrant Advocates Give Lawmakers Something To Think About Over Recess

By Oralia Valencia

August 1, 2013


Daily Caller (Opinion): In August, Silence = Amnesty

By Mickey Kaus

August 2, 2013




Voxxi: House Republicans moving slowly on immigration reform

By Griselda Nevarez

July 30, 2013


Illinois Times: Davis could face Latino heat

By Patrick Yeagle

August 1, 2013


Latino Times: Pro-Immigration Protests In Washington DC: 41 Activists Arrested As Reform Supporters Turn Up Heat [PHOTOS]

By David Iaconangelo

August 1, 2013




New York Times: Advocates for Immigrants Up the Ante in a Capitol Sit-In That Brings Arrests

By Julia Preston

August 1, 2013


National Journal: Advocates Prepare to Press for Citizenship as Congress Leaves for Recess With Little Done on Immigration Reform

By Rebecca Kaplan

August 1, 2013


MSNBC: DREAMers deliver cantaloupes to House members who voted with Steve King

By Benjy Sarlin

August 1, 2013


ABC/Univision: Traffic Jams and Cantaloupes for Immigration Reform

By Ted Hesson

August 1, 2013




Wall Street Journal: House Border-Control Bill Gains Backers

By Kristina Peterson

August 1, 2013


National Review: Goodlatte’s Immigration ‘Resource Kit’ Talks Citizenship

By Jonathan Strong

August 1, 2013


Daily Beast: Charlie Rangel on Immigration, Pope Francis & His Successor

By David Freedlander

August 2, 2013


ABC/Univision: Democrats: On Immigration, GOP is “All Steve King’s Men”

By Jordan Fabian

August 1, 2013


Politico: DCCC memo rallies Dems for 2014

By Rebecca Elliot

August 1, 2013


NPR: GOP Donor: Doing Nothing On Immigration Is ‘De Facto Amnesty’

August 1, 2013


Newsmax: Sen. Sessions: Senate Immigration Bill Will Increase Unemployment

By Jim Meyers and Kathleen Walter

August 1, 2013




National Journal: A Modest Proposal: Drop Undocumented Immigrants Into Detroit

By Fawn Johnson

August 1, 2013


Los Angeles Times: ‘The Daily Show’ slams Congress for inaction on immigration reform

By Meredith Blake

August 1, 2013,0,2682586.story?track=rss




Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Editorial): Paul Ryan is right on immigration policy

July 31, 2013


Washington Post (Blog): Republicans will obey Hastert Rule until the end of time

By Greg Sargent

August 1, 2013


MSNBC (Blog): Paul Ryan disappoints reform activists on immigration

By Steve Benen

August 1, 2013


Wall Street Journal (Opinion): Think Government Is Intrusive Now? Wait Until E-Verify Kicks In

By John Cochrane

August 1, 2013


Huffington Post (Blog): I Was Arrested for Demanding a Vote

By Marielena Hincapie

August 1, 2013


Fox News Latino (Opinion): Why I Got Arrested Today

By Deepak Bhargava

August 1, 2013


The Hill (Blog): Immigration reform will provide certainty for restaurant industry and our economy

By Phillip Hickey

August 1, 2013


Washington Post (Letter to the Editor): The long history of anti-immigrant politicians

By Martin Ford

August 1, 2013




Los Angeles Times: An immigration workshop, for students who experienced it firsthand

By Cindy Chang

August 1, 2013,0,2764123.story


Denver Post (Opinion): Hope for immigration fix

By Gil Cisneros and Wayne Trujillo

August 1, 2013


Portland Tribune (Opinion): Immigration reform would benefit all

By Robert Nestaas

August 1, 2013


News Sentinel (Opinion): Senate immigration bill would be a step forward for communities, businesses

By Yohannes Mengsteab

August 1, 2013

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