Right-Wing Media Watch — 6/10/13


Mark Levin, 6/7/13, 9:17 AM, Administration Should Be Focused On Securing Border, Not Eavesdropping On Americans

LEVIN: Meanwhile, they won’t secure the border. Meanwhile, they won’t deport criminals. This is crazy, folks. And yet it makes sense, depending on what your objectives: to quiet the people. To prevent legitimate, lawful, civil dissent. To intimidate people — if not directly, indirectly. That’s what’s going on here. They’re not interested in securing the border or doing these other things. That doesn’t mean anything.

It’s we the people, the citizen. We are the target. We’re the target. Not the criminal, not the illegal alien. And when it comes to something like this, not even the terrorist. We’re the target.

Laura Ingraham, 6/10/13, 11:09 AM, Amnesty Won’t Help Our Country

INGRAHAM: How is amnesty going to help our country? Because last time I checked, our middle class dreamed big too. We dreamed big, we dreamed really big, to have a better way of life […] The guest worker program that’s in this immigration bill, same thing, people are going to come here and they’re just gonna stay! Just like these people came, they came illegally, they had children, they stayed. And now, the really conservative Sacramento Bee is telling us that they’re living below the poverty line, the racial-ethnic group with the most unemployment and the low wages is sadly the Latino people. How will more people who are clearly coming here, and they’re gonna keep coming here, and the people amnestied, how is that going to make life better for the American people?


Daily Caller: Crossroads GPS launches $100,000 ad campaign promoting Senate immigration bill

Daily Caller: Senators’ immigration votes may be shaped by state economies

Daily Caller: An Alternative to the Gang of 8?

Daily Caller: Senate begins immigration debate, spurs high stakes fight

Breitbart: False: Obama Claims Immigration Bill Requires Illegals To Learn English

Breitbart: Cornyn Amendment To Immigration Bill Divides Gang Of Eight

Breitbart: Sen. Ayotte (R-NH) Will Support Immigration Bill

Red State: Another Schumer Republican Who Lied To Get Elected

Red State: A Primer On The Upcoming Senate Immigration Debate

WND: Campaign Demands Christians Give ‘Dignity’ To Illegals

Washington Examiner: Byron York: Ted Cruz Opens Up On Immigration

Washington Times: Sen. Harry Reid Refuses To Bend On Core Of ‘Gang Of Eight’ Immigration Bill


Republican Reaction

Politico: Ayotte Endorses Immigration Bill

Reuters: Senator Paul Says He’s Open To Voting For Immigration Bill

LA Times: Sen. Sessions On Immigration Bill’s Broken Promises

Fox News Latino: House Speaker John Boehner Aims To Have Immigration Reform Bill By Summer


Anti-Immigrant Commentary

ALIPAC: The Era Of Treating Illegal Aliens As “Newly Arrived Refugees” MUST END!

ALIPAC: Senate Immigration Bill Is A Job Killer

CIS: Rubio, McCain, Reid Talk Strategy On Reform Bill

CIS: Soros’ Prophets Of Baal

ImmigrationReform.com: New State Polls: Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose Amnesty

NumbersUSA: When Senate Staffers Arrive In Offices Mon. Morn, Make Sure They Encounter Huge Piles Of Faxes Opposing The Tues. Amnesty Vote

NumbersUSA: Amnesty Vote In Senate On Tuesday; Call Your Senators Now At 888-978-3094


Media Matters Work

Right-Wing Media Plead With Rubio To “Walk Away” From Senate Immigration Reform Bill

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