Must Read #Immigration Headlines–06/06/13

Associated Press: Rubio hears out House conservatives on immigration

By Erica Werner

June 5, 2013


Los Angeles Times:  Senate immigration bill teeters as it tilts rightward

By Lisa Moscaro and Brian Bennett

June 5, 2013,0,2206434.story


NBC Latino: Does Marco Rubio support his own immigration bill?

By Sandra Lilley

June 5, 2013


Washington Post (The Fix): Why Marco Rubio is against his own immigration bill — and what it means

By Rachel Weiner and Sean Sullivan

June 6, 2013


Miami Herald: House immigration talks breaking down over public-healthcare for one-time illegal immigrants

By Marc Caputo

June 5, 2013


ABC/Univision: Liberal Group Doesn’t Trust Immigration’s ‘Biggest Hypocrite’

By Ted Hesson

June 5, 2013


Dallas Morning News: Sen. John Cornyn says immigration deal “not a Picasso”; critics question his push for more border security

By Todd Gillman

June 5, 2013


Texas Tribune: Ted Cruz outlines opposition to bipartisan immigration reform bill

By Julian Aguilar

June 5, 2013


All Voices: Immigration reform has taken a turn for the worse

By Tom Cleveland

June 5, 2013




Wall Street Journal: Immigration Revamp Hits Fresh Snag

By Sara Murray and Corey Boles

June 5, 2013


National Journal: Conservatives Split on Citizenship Path in Immigration Bill

By Tim Alberta, Fawn Johnson and Rebecca Kaplan

June 5, 2013


ABC News: Immigration Overhaul Hits Bump as Conservatives Brainstorm Next Move

By John Parkinson

June 5, 2013


Huffington Post: Marco Rubio Pitches Immigration Reform To Skeptical House GOP

By Elise Foley and Sabrina Siddiqui

June 5, 2013


Politico: Republicans: Border security a ‘litmus test’ for immigration bill

By Tarini Parti and Seung Min Kim

June 5, 2013


Miami Herald: Marco Rubio and immigration-reform gamesmanship. Is he staying true or breaking his word?

By Marc Caputo

June 5, 2013


ABC/Univision: Marco Rubio’s Tough Tightrope Walk on Immigration Reform

By Jordan Fabian

June 5, 2013




ABC News: House Talks on Immigration Reform Near Collapse

By Jim Avila and Serena Marshall

June 5, 2013


New York Magazine: Anti-Obamacare Jihad May Kill Immigration Reform

By Jonathan Chait

June 5, 2013


Huffington Post: Raul Labrador Quits House Immigration Group

By Elise Foley

June 5, 2013


Politico: Raul Labrador exiting House immigration group

By Seung Min Kim

June 5, 2013


National Journal: Raul Labrador Quits House Immigration Group, Bipartisan Effort in Jeopardy

By Rebecca Kaplan

June 5, 2013


Roll Call: House Immigration Group Claims Deal, but Labrador Drops Out to Pursue Separate Bill

By Humberto Sanchez and Daniel Newhauser

June 5, 2013




Reuters: Senate Republicans push tougher border plans in U.S. immigration bill

By Caren Bohan and Thomas Ferraro

June 5, 2013


Los Angeles Times: Senior Senate Republican proposes tougher plan for border security

By Lisa Moscaro

June 5, 2013,0,6199282.story


Washington Post (Blog): BREAKING: Cornyn presents solution for Gang of Eight

By Jennifer Rubin

June 5, 2013


Washington Examiner: Key Democrats reject GOP immigration amendment

By David Drucker

June 5, 2013




Bloomberg: Immigration Law Helps Economy, Say Americans Split on Bill

By Julie Hirschfeld Davis

June 5, 2013


Politico: Republicans tout report saying immigration bill will hurt U.S. workers

By Burgess Everett

June 5, 2013


National Journal: Susana Martinez: No To Presidency, Down On Immigration Reform

By Reid Wilson

June 5, 2013


Wall Street Journal: Why VCs and Foreign Founders Want the ‘Entrepreneur Visa’

By Lora Kolodny

June 5, 2013


Washington Post: Sergio Romo supports immigration reform in new video

By Cindy Boren

June 5, 2013




Wall Street Journal (Opinion): Immigration Reform and the Hispanic Vote

By Karl Rove

June 5, 2013


Washington Post (Blog): The House won’t have a bipartisan immigration bill. That’s (maybe) okay.

By Ezra Klein

June 5, 2013


Washington Post (Blog): Of course there won’t be a bipartisan House immigration bill

By Jonathan Bernstein

June 5, 2013


Washington Post (Blog): Do Republicans want immigration reform?

By Jonathan Bernstein

June 5, 2013


National Review (Blog): RESULTS Amendment Would Get No Results

By Mark Krikorian

June 5, 2013


Huffington Post (Blog): The Administration’s Border Strategy Is Working

By Simon Rosenberg

June 5, 2013




Cleveland Plain Dealer: Greater Cleveland Partnership endorses immigration reform

By Robert Smith

June 5, 2013


The Times-Picayune (Opinion): A nation of immigrants demands immigration reform

By Sisters Janine Beniger and Barbara Hughes

June 5, 2013

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Past President American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), In-the-Trenches practicing immigration Attorney, Blogger, Activist, Photographer, Educator, World Traveler. All opinions are my own.

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