Right-Wing Media Watch — 6/5/13


Mark Levin, 6/4/13, 1 Hour 55 Minutes In, Sanctuary Cities

LEVIN: Sanctuary cities? We have sanctuary states!

Rush Limbaugh, 6/5/13, 1:09 PM, Immigration Reform Will Produce Democrats

LIMBAUGH: If we grant amnesty again, this country could end up being California. And by that, I mean, totally run by the Democratic Left with no opposition. Everyone in inland CA is totally dependent on the government. They’re in debt, and the people who run it love it that way.

[1:13 PM]

CA used to be a Republican strong-hold, until Reagan granted amnesty in the 1980s. Since then, it’s just been run by Dems. And that’s the same thing that would happen today.

Laura Ingraham, 6/5/13, 11:08 AM, Links Sebelius Refusal To Give Girl Lung To Immigration Reform

INGRAHAM: Sec. Sebelius is refusing to change rule for little girl who needs a lung. This is about a mindset in the federal government: we will help our friends — remember all the waivers companies that supported Obamacare got?. They got their waivers, but they’re not going to help this little girl.

I promise you that Napolitano will make all kinds of waivers to help illegal immigrants. This is something that without a doubt will drive this country into more bureaucratic hell.

It would be nothing to her to waive this requirement, but she won’t do it. I’m telling you, when it’s your family that needs a lifesaving operation, then will you think Obamacare needs to be done away with altogether?

Think of the momentum conservatism would have right now if Rubio hadn’t agreed to the gang of 8.

Laura Ingraham, 6/5/13, 10:28 AM, They’re Trying To Make The Bill Look Better

INGRAHAM: They’re trying to make reform bill look better: it’s lipstick on a pig.


National Review Online: Susana Martinez: ‘Secure the Border First’

National Review Online: Is the Senate Immigration Bill Really In Danger?

National Review Online: Mike Lee: Rubio’s Approach to Immigration Reform Is ‘Nonsensical’

National Review Online: Illegal Driving

National Review Online: RESULTS Amendment Would Get No Results

Daily Caller: Study: Immigration bill to double guest-worker inflow

Daily Caller: Rep. Amash: US must secure border, provide path to legal status for immigrants

Daily Caller: Marco Rubio indicates he won’t vote for own immigration bill without changes

Daily Caller: Latino 2012 turnout lower than reported

Daily Caller: GOP Rep: Senate immigration bill ‘will create more problems then solutions’



Washington Times: Senate immigration bill could double guest workers

Red State: Beware the Rubio-Cornyn Amnesty Rope-a-Dope

Red State: In Which Paying Back Taxes Transforms into Winning Back Taxes


Anti-Immigrant Commentary

FAIR: Senators Cruz, Grassley, Sessions & Lee Voice Opposition to Gang of Eight Bill

FAIR: Amnesty Will Create New Surge of Illegal Immigration

CIS:  Cornyn’s RESULTS Amendment Would Get No Results

ALIPAC: Sign & Share our Online Petition Against Amnesty


Media Matters Work

Laura Ingraham: Chris Christie Should Have Skipped Special Election, Appointed Republican For Immigration Reform Vote

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