Right-Wing Media Watch — 5/17/13

Courtesy of MediaMatters.org


Rush Limbaugh, 5/17/13, 2:37 PM, Discussing Immigration and Permanent Underclass

LIMBAUGH: Democrats don’t want robots in this country so they can have immigrants and keep a permanent underclass

Rush Limbaugh, 5/17/13, 2:15 PM, Immigration And Voting

LIMBAUGH: Obama wants the immigration bill to fail in the House to win back the House in 2014


They say that illegal immigrants won’t have the right to vote for 13 years. But you and I know that if immigration reform goes through, the next day Schumer will be on tv crying that these now legal immigrants don’t have the right to vote.

Fox and Friends First, 5/17/13, 5:25 AM, Detainee Release

ANCHOR: A get out of jail free card? Hundreds of illegal immigrants were released because of sequestration.

Fox and Friends, 5/17/13, 8:23 AM, Detainee Release

ANCHOR: 32 illegal immigrants released because of the sequestration, had multiple felony convictions


National Review Online: A Modest Proposal for immigration

National Review Online: We Trust Barack Obama

Fox News Latino: After Months Of Secretive Negotiations, U.S. House Reaches Immigration Deal

Fox News Latino: Judge Lets Stand Arizona Order That Denies Driver’s Licenses To DREAMers

Fox News Latino: Former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo Mulls Running For Governor Of Colorado


Anti-Immigrant Commentary

FAIR: Potentially the Greatest Comprehensive Immigration Reform Fiasco in the History of the World

FAIR: GIGO – Garbage in garbage out: Center for American Progress issues new report

NumbersUSA: After Round 3 of Markups, Gang of Eight’s Amnesty Bill Still Does Nothing to Prevent Next Amnesty

CIS: Immigration and Trust in Government: R.I.P. Part 1

CIS: Lord, Give Us Biometrics – But Not Yet

CIS: Key Amendment to S.744 – Do the Amnestied REALLY Need to Pay Back Taxes?


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