Right-Wing Media Watch For May 6, 2013

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Hannity, 5/6/13, 5:23 PM, Discussing Rubio and Immigration

HANNITY: I think Rubio is going to end up bailing on the immigration bill

Glenn Beck, 5/6/13, 5:02 PM, Obama setting up for Illegal Immigration

BECK: Obama is setting up for illegal immigration with his speech on guns in Mexico

Cavuto, Your World W/ Neil Cavuto, 5/6/13, 4:48 PM, Hosts Ted Cruz

CRUZ: Cruz: In my view, if people are insulting you or attacking your ethnicity, that tends to suggest that they don’t want to engage in the substantive merits of the argument. What we need to be talking about is economic growth that enables more and more people to climb the economic ladder and reach the American dream…my grandfather came over with $100 stitched into his underwear and worked hard …we want an economy where people can start with nothing and achieve anything.

Cavuto, Your World W/ Neil Cavuto, 5/6/13, 4:23 PM, Hosts DeMint

CAVUTO: Does 6 trillion include the tax revenues you get from illegals once they make their way to becoming legal?

DEMINT: Yes, it does. The difference between what they put in and take out is 6.3 trillion…but they take more out the system once they become legal, especially over a 50 year period. No one is talking about that, they’re trying to limit it to a 10 year window…legalized people will live till they’re 83 and American taxpayers will be paying for that.

CAVUTO: People say GOP has forgotten dynamic accounting

DEMINT: If you look at 6.3 trillion, there is no way this would be beneficial for the American people. This will be a huge cost to those who came here lawfully.

CAVUTO: There is a sense that this is getting to be a pile-on…

DEMINT: We need to put aside idea of amnesty and fix our system one piece at a time…There is a lot that we agree on that needs to be done in a step by step approach in front of the American people, not in a big, incomprehensible bill. This will be another Obamacare and it will be a trainwreck…don’t have to do amnesty to get the benefits of reform.

CAVUTO: People say that GOP will alienate Latino voters.

DEMINT: Those of us at Heritage are advocating for those who came here legally, because they’re going to pay a steep price for amnesty. This amnesty bill is not necessary to improve lives of the American people.

CAVUTO: What do you say to the 11 million who are here illegally, what’s your message to them?

DEMINT: Our message to them is that we need to fix our immigration system. We will treat people with civility but our immigration system is for those who are here legally and for American citizens.

Rush Limbaugh, 5/6/13, 2:37 PM, Discussing Obama in Mexico

LIMBAUGH: US imposing sovereignty on Mexico, Obama apologized, it’s a dog whistle to young Hispanic voters. He’s telling them that he agrees with them that California and NM should still be Mexico.

Impact of Mexican-American War on immigration. We had no business going to war with Mexico. Greed, not ideology. Started on a lie. American blood shed on not-American soil. Polk chased Manifest Destiny, according to Amy Greenberg.

Obama was telling the students in Mexico City that he agreed with that, folks, that’s why he apologized for us imposing our sovereignty on Mexico.

Martha MacCallum, America’s Newsroom, 5/6/13, 10:31 AM, Hosting Jim Demint

MACALLUM: Talk to me a little bit about this. Because there is controversy about this report. We talked to steve moore a few minutes ago, and your claim is that according to your study it would cost trillions of dollars if the legislation was enacted as the gang of eight has created it. Why?

DEMINT:  Well, no one has read the study yet except the folks at heritage and it’s gone through a strenuous pe, r review process. I’ve reeved it over the weekend. It makes it abundantly clear. The number over the 50-year life pan of am niece nor for illegal immigrants is 6.3 trillion to the american taxpayer. It will increase more debt and taxes that has agreeing effect on our economy. We know that unlawful immigrants, once they have amnesty are going to replace the jobs of many americans and depress their salaries. There is no way you can look at this and say that it’s good for the american taxpayer. And that includes immigrants who are here lawfully. We feel like our study, if congress will just consider the cost, will benefit lawful unlawful immigrants more than anybody else.

MACCALLUM: some of the push back is that the benefits don’t kick in for 13 years. It would be that amount of time before the cost would kick in. What do you say to that?

DEMINT:  I’ll believe that when I see it. Congress is notorious for not counting the cost and not keeping their promises. Even if they follow through, unlawful immigrants are already receiving many benefits, a lot of their children are legal american citizens, whether it’s public education, or medicaid. But if you just look at a 13-year window when the life expectancy of unlawful immigrants goes another 50 years, and once they get on social security and medicare, i mean the average cost of an unlawful immigrant is hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s a net cost. They pay some taxes, but what they takeout of the tax system is much, much greater, and the 3 trillion over the next 50-year period. You can’t get around these costs. Congress is not considering the costs. It’s unfair to those who came here lawfully and the bill itself, we believe, after really a thorough analysis is going to make our immigration system worse. you say that you are in favor of immigration reform. So what kind of reform would you like to see, and how would your version not be as costly as you say this one is?

MACCALLUM: So what kind of reform would you like to see, and how would your version not be as costly as you say this one is?

DEMINT: Well, first of all, you don’t need an amnesty in order to implement reforms and get the benefit of reforms. We know our country was built by lawful immigration system, but it’s important to realize today with our welfare state and all the government benefits, unless immigrants have a college education or better they are going to be a net drain on our — on the taxpayer. They are going to pay less than taxes and they takeout of the system. So a step-by-step approach need to recognize, america already has a lot of unemployed, lower skill, less educated workers need to give opportunities to. We don’t need to give opportunities to someone who came here unlawfully. We need to attract those who are educated, many of them have been educated in our country. Martha: understood. I’m sorry to interrupt you. Before I let you go I want you to respond to this.

MACCALLUM:This is something that came up earlier with steve moore and it also comes up in some of what I’m reading from other economists out there. That say we know that increased immigration leads to a bigger economy, which is a plus over the long term for the u.s. Economy. They say that the numbers have been backed up over the course of u.s. history.

DEMINT: Well, it’s a point we look forward to debating. In 1960 the average immigrant had about the same education and skill level of an american citizen. Today immigrants have four times — they are four times less likely to even have a high school diploma. Now with all of our welfare benefits the arithmetic for immigration is totally different than it was before. So immigration has helped to build our country, but it’s been a selective, lawful process. To come in and give amnesty to lower skilled, less educated workers is going to cost our country $6.3 trillion. We already have 17 trillion in debt and we know that is unsustainable. So instead of trying to change the subject, we want congress to look at the real cost of an amnesty provision and immigration reform. it comes in this week, and as does your report. So there is going to be a lot of debate, and y say you’re up for it so we look forward to hearing more from it.

Happening Now, 5/6/13, 12:47 PM, Senate Bill And Background Checks

LAJEUNESSE: Senate bill criticized for background check provision. One provision requiring background checks for potential citizens prohibits deportation based on the check’s results.




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