Conservative groups blast Heritage foundation’s $6.3 trillion “amnesty” cost

NBC Latino

In 2007, when Ted Kennedy and John McCain were pushing comprehensive immigration reform, an outside player helped to torpedo the bill. The culprit was The Heritage Foundation, a public policy research institute esteemed in conservative circles. It’s study on the effects of the legislation were widely cited and gave ammunition to opponents of reform.

Now Heritage is back with a similar study, which finds that the costs of undocumented immigrants becoming citizens over the next 50 years would be a whopping $6.3 trillion. But this time, conservatives are pushing back.

“Though Heritage is a treasured ally of [Americans for Tax Reform], this report looks only at the cost side and ignores the economic benefits,” says Josh Culling with ATR, who lamented the lack of dynamic scoring of the bill, a methodology that would have addressed how the situation of immigrants will change over time and help boost the economy…

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