Right-Wing Media Watch For May 2, 2013

Courtesy of MediaMatters.org


Cavuto, Your World With Neil Cavuto, 5/2/13, 4:24 PM, Hosts Wayne Simmons, Former CIA Operative

SIMMONS: You know that I am a pro profiler. We’re talking about national security. And we’re also talking about, neil, 750 to 800,000 foreign students coming into the country every year, 200,000 of which come from china, another 40,000 from saudi arabia, and, by the way, the latest fbi top most wanted, 30 of 31 are islamic. I didn’t do that. I didn’t make that up. That is a fact.

Cavuto, Your World With Neil Cavuto, 5/2/13, 4:50 PM, Hosts Michelle Fields To Discuss Immigration

FIELDS: Unions are courting ‘illegals’ to boost union numbers b/c they’ve dwindled so much.


Immigration reform would legalize 11 million people. Those will be voters for the Democratic party.


CAVUTO: Illegals will eventually be legal here.

Cavuto, Your World With Neil Cavuto, 5/2/13, 4:16 PM, Border Crossings

CAVUTO: Illegal border crossings have nearly tripled over the last few months

Hannity, Hannity Radio, 5/2/13, 4:19 PM, Hosts Ann Coulter To Tie Boston Bombing To Visas

COULTER: We aren’t getting anything from student visas. These students aren’t even paying for college, and they are dropping out then setting bombs because they can’t make it in America and they can’t speak English so they start setting bombs.

Megyn Kelly, America Live, 5/2/13, 2:13 PM, Hosts Michael Cutler To Discuss DACA And Boston Bombing

KELLY: New details, one of the new suspects may have entered country illegally—Azamat Tazhayakov. Reportedly left and came back, student visa was terminated and yet he was let back in. Former INS official Michael Cutler reports

CUTLER: Visa didn’t expire but he violated terms of being a student. People presume that if you have a visa you can enter, but that’s actually not the case. CBP has to admit alien into the US…if I have evidence you’re not really coming to be a student, you don’t get admitted.


KELLY: Why is the system working so poorly?

CUTLER: There was a story in the Washington Times that with DACA, the Dream Act, they’re not doing face to face interviews and 99.5% approval right now. Do you think anyone is really scrutinizing anything?

Limbaugh, Rush Limbaugh 5/2/13, 1:44 PM

LIMBAUGH: Obama knows amnesty can’t pass the House. That’s why Dems are in on it. It’s not supposed to pass.


It’s supposed to fail. So it will be the Republicans’ fault. Just like gun control — it was supposed to die in the House, so they could use that in 2014. But Obama was livid, because it was Democrats, not Republicans, that killed it.

Limbaugh, Rush Limbaugh, 5/2/13, 1:14 PM

LIMBAUGH: Obama is going down to Mexico to sell amnesty and to ratchet up immigration


Obama will tell the Mexican president, [in weird whisper]: ‘I’ve got to make it look like no more of your people will come here, when in fact I need as many of your countrymen as I can. I need them as voters.’


And if illegal immigration isn’t changing, why even go to Mexico? I’ll tell you why. He’s going down there to ratchet up immigration. Because illegal immigration is down.

Fox & Friends, 5/2/13, 6:04 AM, Boston Bombing Friend Had Student Visa Issue

DOOCY: There are also very big questions this morning about why the suspect was even allowed in this country because he left school on January 4, which should have invalidated his student visa. But he reentered the country two weeks later on January 20 and officials said the customs agent didn’t know the school reported he left. Now the two kazak suspects are due back in court on May 14






Fox Nation: CBS: Illegals Entering US Triple with Talk of Immigration Reform

Red State: Gang Immigration Bill (S.744) is Comprehensively Flawed

Fox News Latino: Georgia Billboard To Target Marco Rubio And Immigration Reform

The Oregonian: Gov. John Kitzhaber signs driver cards bill at May Day rally as opponents pursue referendum

The Washington Times: CBO to issue estimates more favorable to immigration-reform bill

The Washington Times: D.C. bill would allow illegals to obtain city driver’s licenses


Anti-Immigrant Commentary

NumbersUSA: What the Media’s Not Saying About Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill

FAIR: Refuting Rubio Myth vs. Fact – Modernizing our Legal Immigration System Will Grow our Economy and Create Jobs

CIS: Nothing Good Left Untouched: Senate Bill Puts National Security, Public Safety at Risk

CIS: “Morning Joe” Talks about Republican Skepticism

CIS: Senate Bill Rewards & Protects Lawbreakers, Undermines Law Enforcement

Mark Krikorian: Obama to Lefties: Don’t Worry, We’re Not Going to Pay Them Tuesday for an Amnesty Today

VDARE: Memo From Middle America | In Midst Of Amnesty Debate, Obama Off To Mexico And Central America—What Might He Agree To There?


Conservative Response

The Hill: Sessions: Immigration bill loopholes come at ‘great cost to taxpayers’


Media Matters Work

Fox’s Laura Ingraham Smears The American Children Of Undocumented Immigrants As “Anchor Fetuses”

Fox’s Cavuto Hosts “Pro-Profiler” Wayne Simmons To Claim U.S. Should Profile Students From Muslim Countries


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