#Immigration Headlines For May 2, 2013

New York Times: Failure of Gun Legislation Shadows Immigration Bill

By Jennifer Steinhauer

May 1, 2013



New York Times (Blog): How to Weaken a President

By David Firestone

May 1, 2013





Washington Post: Obama prods liberals to give-and-take on Senate immigration bill

By David Nakamura

May 1, 2013



Associated Press: Obama To Pitch Immigration Overhaul In Mexico

May 2, 2013



Washington Post: Immigration to be part of Obama’s trip to Mexico

By Zachary Goldfarb and Nick Miroff

May 1, 2013



Washington Post (The Fix): Why is immigration going so much better for Obama than the budget?

By Zachardy Goldfarb and Scott Clement

May 2, 2013



New York Times: Americans’ Unity on Big Issues Doesn’t Bridge Partisan Gap

By Ashley Parker

May 1, 2013



Politico: Poll: Citizenship support slips

By Kevin Cirilli

May 2, 2013



Politico: Poll: Obama gets negative ratings on immigration, guns

By Donovan Slack

May 1, 2013



NPR: Poll: Most African-Americans Support Immigration Reform

May 1, 2013



ABC News: Most Americans Don’t Know Much About Immigration Bill

By Serena Marshall and Jim Avila

May 1, 2013



Reuters: Most Americans say Boston attack not an immigration issue: Poll

By Susan Heavey

May 1, 2013



Washington Post (The Fix): Washington is deeply engaged with immigration. The public? Not so much.

By Sean Sullivan

May 1, 2013



National Journal: Why Lindsey Graham’s Support for Immigration Reform Isn’t Popular in South Carolina

By Beth Reinhard

May 2, 2013



Roll Call: Reid Vows Vigorous Immigration Bill Push

By Humberto Sanchez

May 1, 2013



Daily Caller: DeMint: Gang of 8 immigration proposal ‘unfair,’ ‘costs too much’ and will ‘make the problem worse’

By Jeff Poor

May 1, 2013



Journal Times (Wisconsin): Ryan pushes for reform

By Alison Bauter

May 1, 2013



Charlotte Observer: Mulvaney talks immigration, jobs in Fort Mill

By John Marks

May 2, 2013



Politico: What Ted Cruz knows

By Alexander Burns

May 2, 2013



National Journal: The Twisted Route to Immigration Reform

By Rebecca Kaplan and Joey Carolino

May 1, 2013



Christian Science Monitor: A part of immigration reform even critics like: integrating new Americans (+video)

By David Grant

May 1, 2013



CBS News: Illegal border crossings rise in South Texas as Congress debates immigration reform

May 1, 2013



NBC Latino: 8-year-old fights for immigration reform to be reunited with parents

By Damian Trujillo

April 30, 2013



New York Times: Across the Country, Supporters Rally for Immigration Overhaul

By Julia Preston

May 1, 2013



CBS News: May Day demonstrators across U.S. demand immigration reform

May 2, 2013



Los Angeles Times: May Day observer asks: ‘Are things changing in their favor?’

By Cindy Chang

May 1, 2013



Arizona Republic: Phoenix march for migrant rights reflects progress, long road ahead

By Alia Beard Rau

May 1, 2013



Associated Press (Colorado): About 200 rally for immigration reform in Denver

By Alexandra Tisley

May 1, 2013



ABC/Univision: Cesar Chavez’s Complex History on Immigration

By Ted Hesson

May 1, 2013



Los Angeles Times: L.A. Times updates guidelines for covering immigration

By Deirdre Edgar

May 1, 2013



Fox News Latino: Immigration Court Hearing For Two Boston Bombing Suspects

May 1, 2013



Washington Post (Letter to the Editor): Creating a better immigration bill

By Rep. Bob Goodlatte

May 1, 2013



Houston Chronicle (Opinion): Aiming for successful reform

By Sen. John Cornyn

April 30, 2013



Al.com (Opinion): Sen. Jeff Sessions’ failed approach has no place in immigration debate

By Victor Palafox and Cesar Vargas

May 1, 2013



Daily Beast (Opinion): Ted Cruz, the Anti-Rubio Who Is Determined to Stop Immigration Reform

By David Cantanese

May 2, 2013



Washington Post (Blog): Immigration reform proponents on offense, Rubio quarterbacks

By Jennifer Rubin

May 1, 2013



Chicago Tribune (Opinion): Immigration deformed

By Cal Thomas

May 2, 2013



Wall Street Journal (Opinion): Jobs Italians Won’t Do

By Jason Riley

May 1, 2013



Boston Globe (Opinion): Immigration reform stays on US soil

By Juliette Kayyem

May 2, 2013



The Hill (Blog): Remembering needs of immigrant workers on May Day

By Gregory Cendana

May 1, 2013



CNN (Opinion): May Day is for immigrants, too

By Gabriel Camacho and Arnie Alpert

May 1, 2013





Washington Post: Illegal immigrants could apply for D.C. driver’s licenses under Gray proposal

By Mike DeBonis

May 1, 2013



New York Times: Failure of Gun Legislation Shadows Immigration Bill

By Jennifer Steinhauer

May 1, 2013



As a gun safety bill dissolved on the Senate floor last month, a group of eight senators — some who had supported the failed measure — had already moved on to a policy battle they found more promising: reinventing the nation’s troubled immigration system.



But despite broader Republican support for an immigration overhaul, the inability of Congress to pass modest gun legislation involving background checks is a warning for the immigration bill’s journey.


Consider that on paper, immigration is actually a harder sell back home to voters. Although 86 percent of adults in a Washington Post/ABC News nationwide poll last month said they favored background checks for people buying guns at guns shows or online, a poll by the same news organizations found that only 64 percent said they supported a program giving illegal immigrants the right to live here legally if certain requirements were met.


The warning does not mean failure, especially since most Republicans believe that immigration changes, unlike gun legislation, would help them politically. But it does indicate that the road to consensus on immigration will be far bumpier than the narrative on Capitol Hill suggests.


“There was a lot of Washington talk about the gun bill’s possibilities, but I never saw that reflected in the people at home,” said Representative Jack Kingston, Republican of Georgia, who has served since 1993. “Now there is all this buzz about the immigration reform, and that is not reflected, either.”

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