Right-Wing Media Watch — April 27-30, 2013

Courtesy of MediaMatters.org


Laura Ingraham, 4/30/13, 10:20 AM, Discussing Welfare Benefits For “Illegal Immigrants”

INGRAHAM: You could drive a truck through immigration reform … when Napolitano has this much discretion, you know illegal immigrants are going to get welfare benefits.

Laura Ingraham, 4/30/13, 11:16 AM, Napolitano Has Too Much Discretion

INGRAHAM: Ted Cruz asked Napolitano how they would determine whether the border was enforced. She said it was complicated, and there were a lot of factors in play, no one number captures the evolving nature. The trigger will be Napolitano. She has a huge amount of discretion. She doesn’t want to be held accountable for this.

Fox and Friends First, 4/30/13, 5:17 AM, Tourist Visas And Terrorists

NAUERT: For some terrorists entering the United States doesn’t say peer to be a problem at all. Some are being granted tourist visas. Why isn’t there a plan in place to catch that? […] 9/11 hijackers overstayed student visas.

Rush Limbaugh, 4/30/13, 2:08 PM, Rubio’s Immigration Bill

LIMBAUGH: Folks, if we come out and do amnesty, and Rubio doesn’t want amnesty, if we do amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens, that’s the end of the GOP!  …It’s simply a matter of mathematics.


What I mean when I say that Rubio is naive on immigration, it’s that he’s willing to trust Democrats a lot more than I would.

… I think he’ll be able to do things. The Gang of 8 is in a good and unique position — Schumer and the boys made him the face of it.

Dana Loesch, 4/29/13, 10:44 PM, On The Record w/ Greta Van Susteren, In-state tuition benefits

LOESCH: It’s unfair. A lot of people are going to be shouldering the extra burden on this. CO is really flouting federal law. Fed law actually prohibits this very thing from being done. The DOJ is very situational about which laws it wants to enforce and which laws it does not. Why, if families have been in a state for years, why haven’t they bothered to “become legal.”

Rush Limbaugh, 4/29/13, 1:11 PM, Attacking Holder’s Civil Rights Comments

LIMBAUGH: When Eric Holder calls amnesty a civil right — It means that every person in the world is entitled to US citizenship. They use the term ‘civil right’ to shut down debate. That’s what they do with science. The left uses it to shut down debate. These scientists have white coats, and look very official. But they’re frauds. They’re bought and paid for by the left. It’s how they’re able to buy groceries.



Daily Caller: Immigration bill guts E-Verify for years

The Examiner: Byron York: Could there be another wave of illegal immigration?



Anti-Immigrant Commentary

NumberUSA: Senate amnesty bill like adding Top 20 U.S. cities full of foreign workers in first decade — 33 MILLION

FAIR: Taxpayers to Foot Bill for Illegal Alien Attorneys under G8 Plan

FAIR: Refuting Rubio Myth vs. Fact – No “Special Path” to Citizenship

FAIR: Gang Members Eligible for Gang of Eight Amnesty

FAIR: Immigration: Fueling U.S. Income Inequality

Ross Douthat: When Assimilation Stalls

ALIPAC: Do you Know Where Your Senators Stand on the Amnesty bill S 744?

Center for Immigration Studies: Immigration Reform in the National Interest: A Political, Not a Substantive, Process

Center for Immigration Studies: Big IT Companies Seek to Deny Indian Firms Many H-1B Visas

Center for Immigration Studies: What Back Taxes?

Center for Immigration Studies: Comprehensive Immigration Reform Talking Point of the Week: “We Need to Know Who They Are”

Center for Immigration Studies: Immigration Reform in the National Interest: Immigration Ideals and Grand Bargains

Center for Immigration Studies: Some Illegals to Get Legal Status after Only Four Months in the U.S.

Media Matters Work

Fox Stokes Fears Of Terrorism To Smear Immigration Reform

Sean Hannity Relies On Debunked Immigration Falsehoods To Accuse Administration Of Being “Lawless”

Fox’s Varney Accuses Obama Of “Buying Votes” With Bush-Era Food Stamp Program For Legal Immigrants

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