Right-Wing Media Watch For April 25, 2013

Courtesy of MediaMatters.org


Lou Dobbs Tonight, 4/24/13, 7:56 PM, Dobbs Discusses Immigration Reform Legislation

DOBBS: Why not do immigration intelligently and incrementally and not ram it through like Obamacare?

Laura Ingraham, 4/25/13, 10:38 AM, Ingraham Attacks Janet Napolitano On Immigration Enforcement

INGRAHAM: What’s going to stop Janet Napolitano from saying in 2014, these immigration enforcement laws are not going to work, we should ignore them.

Laura Ingraham, 4/25/13, 10:44 AM, Ingraham Hosts ICE President Chris Crane To Discuss Immigration Bill

INGRAHAM: this immigration bill is going to make every international gang member a citizen. We’re going to dismiss their criminal histories, and then they still get to commit crimes while they’re on probation.

Ingraham claims Rubio is being hypocritical: he said he wouldn’t allow this provision to stay in the bill, and then the bill drops and it’s still there

Crane also thinks it’s crazy they say we couldn’t get biometric IDs for immigrants because it costs too much, when Disney World has biometric scanners!

Martha MacCallum, 4/25/13, 9:39 AM, Brings Up Student Visas During Conversation About Boston Bombing

MACCALLUM: One more question i want to ask you because you’re on the intel committee. Do you have confidence in our intelligence services based on the fact that they seemed to let tamerlan slip through our fingers that they will be able to pick up on people who should not receive a student visa accurately?

RUBIO: We have great men and women in the intelligence service and it will not be 100%. But questions need to be answered why we did not continue with the investigation of this individual particularly after we got the tip from the Russians.

Rush Limbaugh, 4/25/13, 12:28 PM, Comments On Ted Cruz’s Claim That The Immigration Bill Isn’t Intended To Pass

LIMBAUGH: That’s what we’ve been saying here. Ted Cruz, echoing something I said yesterday about this, said the gang of 8’s bill was not intended to pass.

Rush Limbaugh, 4/25/13, 12:53PM, Talks About Putting Obstacles In The Face Of Progress On Immigration

LIMBAUGH: Amnesty, blatant amnesty is supposed to get killed in the Republican House. The danger is, it may not. They might think, look we’re sick and tired of being opposed to everything. Look, I get up every morning and come here and defend my values and country against the things that are attacking them. Some people say that’s putting obstacles in the face of progress. Republicans are told they’re always the obstacles to things, I guess, and they don’t like that. I don’t know, I wouldn’t be surprised if amnesty just sailed through the House. They’re tired of opposing everything, so they’ll stop! And then people will like them, and they’ll go back only having 150 members.

Hannity, 4/25/13, 3:50 PM, Claims Obama Doesn’t Want Immigration Reform

HANNITY: Obama doesn’t want a deal on immigration, but everyone that comes across the border is another Democratic voter and that’s the thinking here.


Breitbart: Schumer-Rubio Bill Creates Millions Of New Voters In Just 5 Years

Breitbart: Rubio Confirms Worked With Cato, Norquist To Craft Pro-Immigration Narrative Around Boston Bombing

Breitbart: Hannity, Rand Paul On Immigration: ‘Zero Faith’ It Will Be ‘Done Right’

Breitbart: Who Needs The Left? GOP Seeks To Destroy Itself With Amnesty Bill Push



Breitbart: The Rubio Disillusionment

National Review Online: Giuliani Backs Immigration Bill Despite Belief Triggers Will Not Work

National Review Online: Cruz: Obama Pushing Citizenship Because He Wants Immigration Reform To Fail

National Review Online: Near-Suicidal Immigration Policies

National Review Online: The Southern Border: Our Welcome Mat for Terrorists

National Review Online: The Accidental Activists

National Review Online: Cruz: Obama Pushing Citizenship Because He Wants Immigration Reform to Fail

NRO: Desperate Politicos Of The GOP

PJ Media: 7 Reasons Not To Swallow Marco Rubio’s Immigration Snake Oil

Red State: An Open Letter To Senator Marco Rubio

Red State: More immigration bill disappointments: the “back tax” provision is a fraud, and provisional residents CAN get welfare

Red State: It’s Time for a Real Guest Worker Program

Red State: Get Ready for House Immigration Gangsters

The Reporter: U.S.-Mexican Border Welcomes Terrorists

The Wall Street Journal: Immigration Bill Uncertain In House

Washington Times: ‘Undocumented Workers’ Are Still ‘Illegal Immigrants’ To Most Americans

Washington Times: SIMMONS: Illegal Immigrant ID Idea Proves Stupidity Begins At Home

Washington Times: Judge: Obama Administration Can’t Refuse To Arrest Illegal Immigrants

WND: Gutsy Federal Judge Whacks Obama


Heritage Blog: Morning Bell: American Families Cannot Afford the Cost of Amnesty

The Daily Caller: Today’s Gang of 8 Fraud: “Back Taxes”

American Spectator: Read the Fine Print, Senator


Republican Reaction

Raw Story: Sen. Sessions struggles to explain Biblical basis of his anti-immigration views


Anti-Immigrant Commentary

CIS: Immigration Reform: Amnesty For Illegal Aliens And Their Employers

CIS: What Happened in Boston, Part 2: On the Matters of Immigration Screening, Naturalization, and Denaturalization

CIS: Boston Bomber’s Background Check Highlights Amnesty Bill Flaw

Ann Coulter: The Problem Isn’t Just Illegal Immigration, It’s Legal Immigration, Too

FAIR: Gang of Eight Breaks its Promise Regarding English

FAIR: High-Tech Employers Seek More Foreign Workers to Depress Wages

NumbersUSA: Markup of Amnesty Bill Scheduled; Sen. Sessions Protests

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