Right-Wing Media Watch For April 24, 2013

Courtesty of MediaMatters.org


Fox Business Channel, Your World With Cavuto, 4:45, Cavuto Hosts Ralph Peters To Discuss Bombings And Immigration

PETERS: Certainly you have to make the border more secure. But even beyond that we need to rethink immigration. Not to stop it by any means. Weed in fresh talent. But talent is the key word, and right now, Neil, as you know very well, if you’re a brilliant Danish software engineer, if you’re a breakthrough British biomedical researcher, your chances of getting a green card from the United States are just about zero. Here you have papa Tsarnaev, who has no marketable skills, comes from a hostile America-hating region, a hotbed of violent Islam, and all he has to do to our consular officials is say he fears persecution and suddenly he’s a friend with benefits, he gets a green card, government handouts, et cetera. How does that make sense? We have the right as a nation to pick who comes here, and I’m all for Indian software engineers, European physicists. I am not for more Saudi or Pakistani mullahs practicing hate speech. And that’s not meant to be anti-Islamic. Rather, it’s a question of education, motivation, and oh, by the way, when we renew immigrant from any source, no government benefits for ten years. That will sort them out.

Fox News Channel, America Live, 2:06, Kelly Hosts Ralph Peters To Discuss Bombings And Immigration

PETERS: From the standpoint of al Qaeda, this attack was great. Cheap, murderous, and shut down the major American city […] Global headlines for weeks, and it will inspire copy cats. This will be a model for copycat attack run by radicalized native-born Americans or immigrants who don’t adjust well to American society.


KELLY: You say this will inspire others to go down this route and that political correctness will hurt the country too.

PETERS: Well the FBI talked to one of the guys, and there’s only so much they can do. Our immigration system is broken and it’s broken in ways the immigration bill won’t correct. Why did they get in? They’re Chechens  They’re the biggest thugs on earth. They’re phenomenally violent people, both the Chechen nationalists and jihadis. All they had to do is ask for asylum and bam, they come here, get welfare, get radicalized, beat up his girlfriend and wife and we do nothing and then they attack the Boston marathon.

The Mark Levin Show, 1:10, Levin Discusses Immigration Reform Bill

LEVIN: House is about to drop a bill on our heads, and I’m certain that Republicans in house are coordinating with Democrats in the Senate. I don’t think we who are concerned about border security and rule of law are being heard. Let me be clear, I strongly reject this bill…I reject anything that doesn’t build border security…I’ll take 98%…this bill does not do that. I’m really not interested in triggers and phases and plans, I’m interested in it being done.


This ridiculous idea that the immigration system is broken so we need these new laws. That’s not why the system is broken. The system is broken because we aren’t enforcing the current laws. We have absolute lawlessness going on right now, not only at the border but in Washington, DC.

The Mark Levin Show, 1:17, Levin Discusses Immigration Reform Bill

LEVIN: The idea that it’s a net plus is absurd…localities aren’t being reimbursed for immigration costs…don’t we have a problem where people can’t find jobs? …we need to address the welfare state, but we don’t open the borders and import people…our Congress is now reacting to agribusiness, the chamber of commerce, developers, all the people who want cheap labor…the idea that any of this is somehow going to expand our economy is really goofy.

The Mark Levin Show, 1:47, Levin Discusses DACA Approval Rates

LEVIN: Obama will go through the bill and decide what pages to comply with and say he has discretion and even if the Supreme Court decides he doesn’t he’ll go ahead and screw around with it for three years.


99.5% of those who apply for legal status under DACA are granted. I mean what do you have to do, beat up your girlfriend to get deported? Apparently that won’t get you deported, either. They say the approval rate will drop—what, to 99.4%?


Breitbart: Big Sis: Obama Admin Can Pick Which Laws To Enforce

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Investor’s Business Daily: Immigration Reform Helps Politicians, Not The People

National Review Online: What Did The Tsarvaevs Teach Us About Immigration Security?

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Power Line: Risks Of Amnesty

The Blaze: Janet Napolitano’s Major Admission: Saudi Student Was Put On Watchlist

The Blaze: 7 U.S. Lawmakers Who Say The Boston Bombings Show We Need To Talk About Immigration Policy

USA Today: How Can The Feds Screen 11 Million Illegal Immigrants?

WND: Power Of Big Sis About To Explode Big-Time?


Republican Reaction

BuzzFeed: Marco Rubio’s Immigration Plan Sparks Conservative Civil War

Reuters: Republican Split On Immigration Blunts Party Rebranding


Anti-Immigrant Commentary

ALIPAC: Video: Disgusted ICE Head Finally Faces Down Gang Of 8

ALIPAC: Boston Bombing Shows Immigration Not Only A Border Problem

CIS: Chain Migration’s Health Care Drain

ImmigrationReform.com: Jeff Flake Plays Russian Roulette With Terrorists

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Michelle Malkin: America’s Insane Asylum For Jihadists, Hustlers And Frauds

NumbersUSA: Four Things We Confirmed About The Senate Immigration Bill This Week

NumbersUSA: POLL: 55% Of Americans Support Lower Immigration Levels; Gang Of 8 Plan Would Double Legal Immigration

Town Hall: Cruz: Border Security Triggers In Gang Of 8 Bill Not Satisfactory

Washington Times: Paul Ryan Joins Forces With Luis Gutierrez On Immigration Reform




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