Right-Wing Media Watch For April 23, 2013

Courtesy of MediaMatters.org


Fox News Channel, Fox & Friends, 7:20, Michael Farris Discusses German Family Seeking Asylum:

FARRIS: If we put the legal issues aside, we have a political question, which is why is the government being lenient to the 11 million immigrants who came here illegally, but want to be so harsh to this one family? They clearly have the discretion to say, you know what? Let’s let them stay. Why they refuse to exercise that discretion is baffling.

Fox News Channel, Happening Now, 11:19, Jon Scott Hosts Sen. Paul To Discuss Immigration Bill:

SCOTT: Background checks would be part of the immigration reform bill, already they are. But in the case of the Tsarnaev brothers, the older brother Tamerlan got more than a background check — he got an FBI interview, and that didn’t uncover what he ultimately pulled off there in Boston.

PAUL: But there are reports now today […] that his trip back to Chechnya wasn’t lit up on radar for the FBI because his name was misspelled.

Fox News Channel, Happening Now, 1:27, Jon Scott Hosts Joe Trippi To Discuss Immigration Reform:

SCOTT: The immigration overhaul proposal could have major impact on the nation’s political landscape pumping millions of new Hispanic voters into the election, which if history is any indicator would be a good thing for democrats. Do you believe the immigration bill on balance would be a bigger net benefit to democratic politicians?

TRIPPI: I think it will benefit both parties. One of the problems that the republicans have had is that their opposition to immigration reform to reaching a compromise has really hurt them in the Latino and Hispanic communities.

Fox News Channel, America Live, 2:36, Megyn Kelly Hosts Bob Beckel To Discuss Security

BECKEL: Muslim students come from countries that don’t like the US.

KELLY: Why isn’t there more terror then?

BECKEL: Most of them aren’t interested in terrorism. I’m just saying those students from those countries that harbor resentment, if we could save one marathon runner’s life, let’s take a 2-year time out.

Rush Limbaugh, The Rush Limbaugh Show, 12:19, Limbaugh Discusses Alleged Bombers And Immigration:

LIMBAUGH: We lost track of Tsarnaev because we misspelled his name and we think it’s going to be no big deal to legalize 11 million immigrants?


Breitbart: MarcoPhone: Cost Of Existing Federal Phone Subsidy Spinning Out Of Control

Breitbart: Rubio Shamefully Attacks Conservatives Over Immigration Reform

Breitbart: Democrat Beckel Calls For Moratorium On Student Visas For Muslims

Breitbart: Coulter: Boston Bombing Proves ‘We Need Better Immigrants’

Bloomberg: New Immigration Bill Has One Terrible Flaw

City Journal: The Real Risks Of Amnesty

CNS News: Sen. Cruz: Pathway To Citizenship Would Kill Immigration Reform Bill

Fox Nation: WATCH: Beckel Says No More Muslim And Chinese Student Immigrants In US For A While

Fox Nation: Cruz Grills Napolitano On Immigration: Have You Read The Bill?

Fox Nation: Napolitano: Saudi Student ‘Wrong Place At The Wrong Time’

Huffington Post: Jan Brewer Will Keep Using Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’

Politico: Immigration Reform Could Be Bonanza For Dems

The Daily Caller: Illegals Skate On ‘Public Charge’ Rule In Gang Of Eight Bill

Washington Times: It’s Complicated: Boston Marathon Attacks Could ‘Throw A Wrench’ Into Immigration Reform

Washington Times: 99.5% Of Illegal Immigrants Get Approval For Legal Status; High Number Raises Concerns About Fraud

Washington Times: Morning Examiner: All Aboard The Amnesty Train

WND: Sessions Defends American Workers


Republican Reaction

Associated Press: Utah Senators Mixed Attitude To Immigration Bill

Breitbart: Demint: Gang Of Eight Repubs Gave In To Dems On Amnesty

Fox Nation: ‘I Never Said That!’ Grassley Slaps Down Schumer At Immigration Hearing

Fox Nation: Rubio: The Truth About My Plan For Immigration Reform

National Review Online: Marco Rubio’s Radio Row

National Review Online: Our Broken System of Assimilation

The Hill: Cornyn: Gang Of Eight Immigration Bill Undermines Border Security

The Hill: Brewer Says She Can’t Support Senate Immigration Bill

Wall Street Journal: Sen. Paul: Stop the Immigration Overhaul

Talking Points Memo: Speaker Boehner: Immigration Reform Would Improve Security After Boston


Anti-Immigrant Commentary

ALIPAC: New Poll Is An Amnesty Bill Killer

CIS: Triggers And Terror

CIS: What Happened In Boston, Part 1: On The Nature Of Terror, And Other Questions

ImmigrationReform.com: Senate Bill Contains Slush Fund For Pro-Amnesty Groups

Michelle Malkin: Dissecting The Gang Of 8′S Enforcement Sham

NumbersUSA: ICE Union President Tells Senate Committee Law Enforcement Locked Out Of Negotiations


Media Matters Work

Anti-Immigrant Fox Host Dobbs Fails On Basic Immigration Facts

Boston Bombings Inspire New Lies On Immigration Reform From Conservative Media

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