Right-Wing Media Watch For April 22, 201

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Laura Ingraham, Ingraham Radio, 9:14, On Marathon Bombings And Immigration:

INGRAHAM: After 9/11 […] how do we give asylum to people from Islamic countries or Islamic territories who are claiming that they are somehow deserving of this? […] But as we know, July 1, 2002, Jahar and his parents came here as tourists. First of all, I would submit people shouldn’t be coming here as tourists from Chechnya after 9/11 […] Now Jahar became a citizen on 9/11 of last year, just to really stick it in our faces […] His older brother came here, now there’s some dispute—we’re so messed up in our immigration system, there’s dispute about when Tamarland came here […] Lindsay Graham claims that this whole thing is going to be made better because people who might be here currently in the shadows are going to come out of the shadows to be part of this new immigration system of ours. Now here’s a little problem with that Lindsay Graham analysis. The bill that he’s touting, the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act,” those are three lies in one title. It’s not about border security, it’s about a promise of border security with a lot of wiggle room. Economic opportunity, well yeah for Mexico, they’ll get rid of all their low-skilled laborers and all the burdens of them and meanwhile they’ll get some remittances back, good for them. And immigration modernization act, no. When I think modernize I think improve. This creates another bureaucracy. It would actually make it easier for people like the Tsarnaevs to get asylum. Now how could that be? Well, because it would eliminate […] the existing 1-year deadline for filing an asylum application, and I’ll tell you the reason why. It eliminates it because they say that people who are coming here and need asylum don’t speak enough English to figure out the paperwork in one year. That’s what they said when they’re justifying this. It would also expand the categories […] of family members who qualify for derivative asylum status to include children of the spouse of the person granted asylum and the grandchildren of the person granted asylum. Anyone else, how about the gardener?

Laura Ingraham, Ingraham Radio, 9:37, On Marathon Bombings And Immigration:

INGRAHAM: We have politicians who are trying to use the Boston Attack not for slowing this thing down, for doing this immigration bill deliberately with all the sunshine illuminating what’s in the bill, really this time getting it right—no, no, no. There are politicians telling us not to slow down but to really speed up, speed this all up. Chuck Grassley was one of the few voices of reason on Friday.


INGRAHAM: He was ridiculed today on MSNBC […] Think of where we are right now with this case. We find out that the 26 year old golden gloves boxer was convicted of domestic violence in 2009. We now know he was a resident alien. Again, a man from Chechnya was allowed into the country after 9/11 […] everything is all murky here on Friday, and then we find out […] if you are a resident alien, as he is, you become a deportable alien upon conviction of this type of offense […] you can be taken right to an airport, immigration officials will actually escort you to an airport to make sure you’re on the next plane out. […] The man should have been deported.

Laura Ingraham, Ingraham Radio, 9:54, Hosts Pat Buchanan To Discuss Immigration:

INGRAHAM: Barack Obama is going to be campaigning on this, and Jane Harmann thinks it’s a good idea. We already have it weakens asylum […] it also extends the number of family members that can come in under asylum. This is like a joke. I didn’t think you could get worse than the 2007 amnesty, but this is a worse bill. And journalists now are getting ticked off


INGRAHAM: Now we find out that, boy, they’re going to be campaigning if not arm in arm with Obama, on the same issues […] as Lindsay Graham said, we’re going to be able to better identify terrorists because of this.

BUCHANAN: It has been about a week since 180 Americans were injured in an attack by two individuals who were immigrants to this country, who were asylum seekers, granted asylum and given benefits. And they are newcomers to America. And the idea that we would right now be considering amnesty, a blanket pardon for 11 or 12 million illegal aliens […] is an act of madness. What the U.S. ought to do or what Marco Rubio and the others ought to do is say that what we need to do is these enforcement mechanisms we’re working on at the border and drop the amnesty until we find out who these folks are and who is in this country.

Fox News Channel, Happening Now, 11:19, Jon Scott Hosts Karl Rove To Discuss Immigration And Bombings:

SCOTT: You probably heard in that report from Mike Emanuel, Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican from South Carolina, saying let’s go quickly. Essentially we have terrorists in our midst. We might. Let’s find out who all of these 11 million people who have come here illegally are but does anyone think that terrorists are gonna step to the front of the line to register?

ROVE: You know, look. This is the broader question of will, will this immigration reform bill make us safer? I think Lindsey Graham overstated the argument. You’re right. If you’re a terrorist attempting to be a member of a sleeper cell, it’s unclear you will necessarily surface as this proposed new law requires you to do and make yourself known to authorities.

Fox News Channel, America Live, 2:06, Megyn Kelly Hosts Chris Stirewalt:

KELLY: Senators were warning not to link immigration reform to the bombings. Others, however, say there are lessons that need to be learned […]  Simon Rosenberg said system worked because older brother was denied citizenship based on fact that FBI had interviewed him. I had heard they delayed a decision on it […] other side is going to say the system worked and will continue to work. Gang of 8 is saying it will enhance our security to know who’s in the country.


STIREWALT: it’s a more than credible argument. National security concerns, specifically as it relates to Islamic militants, cause people to pause when it comes to changing the rules. Even if system worked in this circumstance, the concern is about enforcement, porous borders. While the gang of 8 can say a big part of this is border security, it also does come with whether you want to call it amnesty, legalization, it comes with this. Not all 11 million people will be subject to FBI background screening.

KELLY: The younger brother was granted citizenship on 9/11 last year. That’s the argument on the other side.

STIREWALT: immigration reform looking a little toasty today. It’s going to be tougher now

Rush Limbaugh, The Rush Limbaugh Show, 12:15, Limbaugh Discusses Obama’s Statement On Boston Bomber:

LIMBAUGH: Is that really what has made this country great? Multiculturalism? Diversity? Or is it our founding? American history? The Declaration of Independence? Look, open borders has made us great?

Rush Limbaugh, The Rush Limbaugh Show, 1:08, Limbaugh Discusses Obama’s Statement On Boston Bomber:

LIMBAUGH: While the city of Boston was on lockdown trying to find the 19-year-old bomber, elected officials were off with another scheme to hatch new gun control laws. Oh, and new immigration procedures were being discussed. Open-border amnesty. While all this was going on in Boston.


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Media Matters Work

Laura Ingraham On Boston Bombing: No Asylum For People From Islamic Countries And No Tourists From Central Asia

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