Right-Wing Media Watch for April 19, 2013

Courtesy of MediaMatters.org


Lou Dobbs, Lou Dobbs Tonight, 7:39, Hosts Kansas Secretary Of State Kris Kobach:

DOBBS: What this comes down to, is who in the world trusts the federal government to deliver on these promises and assurances?

KOBACH: The federal government has not delivered for the past four years. The Obama administration has handcuffed ICE  agents and has ordered ICE agents to break the law as of last summer, why should we trust the federal government to deliver a strategy and act on a strategy?


This bill is so tilted in the amnesty direction– I mean, as we talked about before, it takes people we have already deported and brings them back in and gives them amnesty. That’s how ridiculous this bill is.

Fox News Channel, Fox and Friends, 8:14, Fox Talks With Ambassador John Bolton To Discuss Marathon Bombing Suspects:

BOLTON: Well, if they’ve been in the country for several years, I hate to put it this way, but it’s good terrorist trade craft. They have completely scoped out the Boston area and they took a lot of preparation to do what they’ve done and that’s why I think we need to be concerned that there may be others who have come to this country as students or under visas of one kind or another who are simply waiting for the right moment.




CARLSON: So many Americans are going to wake up this morning and be angry as they learn more information if, in fact, they were educated here, if in fact they received scholarships and took them away from other people in America who could have been educated and not become terrorists.


Laura Ingraham, Ingraham Radio, 11:02, On Marathon Bombings:

INGRAHAM: My point is that we have to get a better handle on assimilation in the US, why it’s important. And for all those people saying, well we have to have early signs of mental stability and if there’s mental illness we have to tell the guidance counselors…OK, that’s fine, but how about an early sign of lacking assimilation? How about a sign that you’re hostile to America? You can’t do that because you’re against the grain of political correctness if you say that…so we can say someone is potentially unstable who’s an American citizen, but if someone is potentially not assimilating as a foreigner then we can’t raise any issues about that

Laura Ingraham, Ingraham Radio, 11:17, Hosts Robert Spencer From Jihad Watch:

INGRAHAM: We’re learning more about these two brothers and how they came to the U.S., looks like they came here initially as individuals seeking asylum…


INGRAHAM: We’ve been talking about the lack of assimilation in American society today…the concern about being politically correct animates so much of what we do that we don’t have a common understanding of the rule of law, the American experience…and some say that rule is set in the White House where Eric Holder is responsible for stopping the prosecution of radical Islamist organizations in the U.S.


These people were here under refugee status. We clearly don’t have a will to see that people who come here leave here if they are on any type of visa status[…]we have hundreds of thousands of people who are here, and just disappear[…]I don’t see anything in this immigration bill that is going to close that loophole.

SPENCER: It’s a huge loophole that is being exploited…Students who come from Saudi Arabia or other areas […]there’s no scrutiny, it would be politically incorrect to determine the attachment of the students coming in on these visas.


INGRAHAM: This is what we get with political correctness trumps smart, common-sense thinking. And a lot of these countries, they take their immigration pretty seriously…

SPENCER: It’s ultimately suicidal. We have to have more accountability for who’s coming in.


Laura Ingraham, Ingraham Radio, 11:27, Ingraham Discusses ICE Letter to Marco Rubio:

INGRAHAM: Chris Crane said to Marco that we appreciate having met with you, but after looking at this bill it appears that security components focus mostly on the exterior and rely on discretion of DHS[… ]the proposal does invest billions in border security, but the triggers are being called into question because of people understanding that DHS has shown no willingness to enforce immigration laws that are currently on the books[…]prosecutorial discretion has allowed the government to only focus on deporting so-called high risk illegal immigrants[…]critics warn that without a strict system of interior enforcement[…]it will allow the problem to fester all over again. Our interior needs are almost completely neglected in the gang of 8 proposal, Sessions said in his statement yesterday.


Rubio says the bill is a “strong conservative effort.” Do you believe, knowing what you know now […] that this bill is a “strong conservative effort”? […] There is no element of real assimilation required in this bill.


Laura Ingraham, Ingraham Radio, 11:37, Ingraham Discusses Immigration Bill

INGRAHAM: John McCain who pushed for the first amnesty in 2007, John McCain who called Rand Paul and Ted Cruz and all the people standing up at their filibuster…John McCain is to be taken seriously on this. John McCain assuring us that this time they mean it on border security…Do you believe this deserves any credibility at this point, given the history of John McCain? In light of the news today…do you believe that we are assimilating immigrants?


So you’re here as a refugee and that’s it, you’re granted refugee status and that’s good enough for us. Are we doing all that we can do, just under the current law? We’re going to legalize millions more people? We don’t even know what we’re doing with the people who are here on visas!


Mike Huckabee, The Mike Huckabee Show, 12:45, Huckabee Discusses “Islamofacists”

HUCKABEE: Now I want to say again, because I don’t want those nuts from, what is it, Media Matters, to go off on it and take it out of context, make sure they get it in context this time. But “Islamofacists” really believe that they are doing the work of their God. I know some Christians that embarrass me as a Christian, but I know of no Christian who goes around saying, “yeah, I think it’s great to kill a bunch of children. It makes me closer to God.” I mean, that’s just sick.



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