#Immigration Headlines for March 29, 2013

San Antonio Express-News: Immigration reform gaining support in Congress

By Gary Martin

March 28, 2013



Huffington Post (Blog): How Queer Undocumented Youth Built the Immigrant Rights Movement

By Prerna Lal

March 28, 2013





Los Angeles Times: For illegal immigrants, broad support for legal status, not citizenship

By Paul West

March 28, 2013



Huffington Post: Immigration Poll Finds Majority Support For Legalization Of Undocumented Immigrants

By Elise Foley

March 28, 2013



Politico: Poll: 43 percent back citizen path

By Kevin Robillard

March 28, 2013



Politico: Eric Cantor: Immigration deal tough but doable

By Jake Sherman

March 28, 2013



The Hill: Cantor: Comprehensive bill on immigration reform will be ‘tall order’

By Justin Sink

March 28, 2013



Roll Call: Graham Getting Heat Over Immigration Efforts

By Humberto Sanchez

March 28, 2013



Talking Points Memo: Lindsey Graham: If I Can Sell Immigration Reform In South Carolina, It Will Pass

By Benjy Sarlin

March 28, 2013



Washington Post: Dispute over guest-worker program puts immigration talks at risk of delay

By David Nakamura

March 28, 2013



Reuters: Organized labor says closer to deal on immigration reform

By Rachelle Younglai

March 28, 2013



ABC/Univision: What Happens If Immigration Reform Ignores Future Workers?

By Ted Hesson

March 28, 2013



Christian Science Monitor: ‘Path to citizenship’ roils immigration reform. But what is it, exactly?

By David Grant

March 28, 2013



ABC/Univision: U.S. Border Patrol: More Agents, More Fences, More Technology, More Horses?

By Erin Siegal

March 28, 2013



Associated Press: Budget Cuts Could Affect Immigration Detention And Border Security

By Christina Silva and Chistopher Sherman

March 28, 2013



Washington Post: Republican Rep. Don Young refers to Latinos using racial slur

By Aaron Blake

March 28, 2013



Politico: Rep. Don Young on ‘wetbacks’ comment: I ‘meant no disrespect’

By Katie Glueck

March 29, 2013



ThinkProgress: Top Republican Warns Of French People Illegally Crossing Mexican Border In South Texas

By Igor Volksy

March 28, 2013



Yahoo News: ‘Border Trigger’ a Requirement — Alongside Other Measures — for Immigration Reform

By Dean Cody

March 29, 2013



New York Daily News: Immigration: If the Defense of Marriage Act is struck down, same-sex immigrant couples could benefit

By Allan Wernick

March 28, 2013



Miami Herald (Opinion): Obama’s policies don’t help middle class

By Sen. Marco Rubio

March 28, 2013



Washington Post (The Fix): The debate over a path to citizenship is resolved among the public, if not in Congress

By Sean Sullivan and Scott Clement

March 28, 2013



Washington Post (Blog): GOP primary voters open to immigration reform, with conditions

By Jennifer Rubin

March 28, 2013



US News and World Report (Opinion): Immigration Reform Is a Start for the GOP, Not a Panacea

By Peter Roff

March 28, 2013



Los Angeles Times (Opinion): ‘Stupid’: Alan Simpson gores GOP on immigration, Obama on budget

By Mark Barabak

March 28, 2013



Huffington Post Latino Voices (Blog): No Place for Scare Tactics in Immigration Reform Debate

By Carlos Uresti and Jose Rodriguez

March 28, 2013



New York Times (Letter to the Editor): Immigrants in Detention

By Andrea Black

March 28, 2013



The Hill (Blog): Immigration reform: The view from California

By Marielena Hincapie and Reshma Shamasunder

March 28, 2013



Washington Times (Opinion): Smart alternatives to immigrant detention

By Julie Myers Wood and Steve Martin

March 28, 2013





Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Illegal immigration crackdown expansion OK’d

By Jeremy Redmon

March 29, 2013



Columbus Dispatch: Ohio university presidents urge immigration reform

By Encarnita Pyle

March 28, 2013



Associated Press (Arizona): Study: Deportation doesn’t deter border crossings

March 28, 2013



The Oregonian: Talk of immigration reform sparks Oregon increase in fraudulent tax preparers and lawyers, experts say

By Andrea Castillo

March 28, 2013


About David Leopold
Past President American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), In-the-Trenches practicing immigration Attorney, Blogger, Activist, Photographer, Educator, World Traveler. All opinions are my own.

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