Today’s #Immigration Headlines

Courtesy of AMERICA’S VOICE 


Huffington Post Latino Voices: How The Deferred Action Immigration Program Went From Dream To Reality

By Janell Ross 

August 19, 2012




Houston Chronicle: Obama’s immigration overhaul draws attacks

By Stewart Powell

August 19, 2012


Politico: Joe Arpaio: Barack Obama wants ‘amnesty’

By Kate Glueck

August 17, 2012


New York Times: A College Lifts a Hurdle for Illegal Immigrants

By Dan Frosch

August 17, 2012


Los Angeles Times: Immigrants’ minor offenses can ruin hope for deportation waiver

By David Zucchino

August 19, 2012,0,2911307.story


Los Angeles Times: Immigration lawyer known as ‘the angel of justice’ among Latinos

By Paloma Esquivel

August 20, 2012,0,5331442.story


Associated Press: NY would give college aid to illegal immigrants

August 17, 2012


Associated Press: Gov: Neb. will deny benefits to illegal immigrants

August 18, 2012


Christian Science Monitor: Obama’s DREAM Act-lite runs into more trouble as Nebraska, Arizona go rogue

By Patrik Jonsson

August 18, 2012


Phoenix Business Journal: Brewer says public backs her illegal immigrant drivers licenses order

By Mike Sunnucks

August 19, 2012


Arizona Republic: ‘Dreamers’ cautious about Obama’s deferred-action program

By Daniel Gonzalez and Eugene Scott

August 19, 2012


Associated Press: US Civil Rights Commission hears both sides of Ala.’s crackdown on illegal immigrants

August 17, 2012


Associated Press: Call for political campaigns to spend more on Spanish television

By Suzanne Gamboa

August 19, 2012


Salt Lake Tribune: McCain tells Mitt he needs more Latino votes out West

By Robert Gehrke

August 18, 2012


Denver Post: Latino vote in Colorado grows in numbers, influence as November looms

By Sara Burnett

August 19, 2012


Washington Post: Kaine buys another $1 million worth of air time, aims for Latino voters

By Ben Pershing

August 17, 2012


Arizona Republic: Geraldo Rivera launches radio talk show, reflects on Ariz. roots

By Randy Cordova

August 15, 2012


Associated Press: Federal prosecutors: Jamaican woman had a ‘sham marriage’ with a Kansas soldier

August 20, 2012


Salon: Immigration sparks domestic terrorism threat

By Daryl Johnson

August 19, 2012


Associated Press: Ofer Biton Arrested: Former Michael Grimm Fundraiser Taken Into Custody On Immigration Fraud Charges

By David Caruso

August 18, 2012


Associated Press: Employer: Ex-servant using trial to get US status

By Michael Virtanen

August 18, 2012


New York Times (Editorial): Long Lines and Big Dreams

August 17, 2012


Los Angeles Times (Editorial): It’s an immigration winner

August 19, 2012,0,2939764.story


Baltimore Sun (Editorial): Growing up American

August 19, 2012,0,3245906.story


Arizona Daily Star (Editorial): Brewer visits sins of parents on their children

August 19, 2012


Chicago Tribune (Opinion): Illegal immigrants, not so illegal

By Steve Chapman

August 19, 2012,0,3490586.column


Columbus Dispatch (Opinion): New immigration policy merits support

By Linda Chavez

August 18, 2012


Washington Post (Blog): Which illegal immigrants will benefit most from Obama’s deportation relief?

By Suzy Khimm

August 17, 2012


Monterey Country Herald (Opinion): Romney, Ryan miss boat on immigration

By Eliot Spitzer

August 20, 2012


New York Times (Opinion): Green Card Lottery

By Atossa Araxia Abrahamian

August 17, 2012


Boston Globe (Opinion): Immigration reform key to economic revival

By Jeff Jacoby

August 19, 2012


National Journal (Opinion): Analysis: No Immigration Reform Limits Business

By David Rohde

August 19, 2012




Atlanta Journal Constitution: Hundreds attend Hispanic forum on immigration deferral

By Helena Oliviero

August 18, 2012


The Times Picayune (Louisiana): New Orleans immigrant will cautiously pursue U.S. work permit opportunity

By Roman Antonio Vargas

August 19, 2012


Quad City Times: Latinos seek voice in Iowa politics

By James Lynch

August 20, 2012


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Hazleton immigration law foes face uphill battle

By Saranac Hale Spencer

August 20, 2012


The Oregonian: $1 million case against state in adoption-immigration snafu can move forward

By Aimee Green

August 18, 2012

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