Today’s #Immigration Headlines

Christian Science Monitor: We know Paul Ryan is a budget hawk. But what about other issues?

By Brad Knickerbocker

August 12, 2012




Huffington Post Latino Voices: Paul Ryan Unlikely To Play Well With Latino And Black Voters, But Matters Of Race May Not Disappear

By Janell Ross

August 1, 2012


Univision: Romney selects Paul Ryan as running mate

By Jordan Fabian

August 11, 2012


Los Angeles Times: Rep. Paul Ryan’s voting record reflects a GOP foot soldier

By Lisa Mascaro

August 12, 2012,0,5460291.story


The New Republic: The Psychology of the Ryan Pick

By Noam Scheiber

August 12, 2012


Salt Lake Tribune: Latino vote key in Nevada, a swing state ravaged by housing crisis

By David Montero

August 11, 2012


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Democrats want Latinos to become a voting force in Texas

By Sarah Bahari

August 12, 2012


New York Times: Bloomberg Taking Immigration Issue to Obama’s and Romney’s Campaigns

By Kate Taylor

August 12, 2012


Huffington Post Latino Voices: ‘Deporter-in-Chief’ Ads Target Obama In Effort To Trim Away Latino Vote

By Janell Ross 

August 10, 2012


Huffington Post: Obama Spanish-Language Ad Touts Deferred Action

By Elise Foley

August 10, 2012


Houston Chronicle: As Obama policy kicks in, young illegal immigrants set to apply for deportation reprieve

By Susan Carroll

August 11, 2012


Boston Globe: Young illegal immigrants may seek reprieves amid questions

By Maria Sacchetti

August 12, 2012


Arizona Republic: For some, GED key to avoiding deportation

By Daniel Gonzalez

August 11, 2012


Los Angeles Times: Justice Department opposes illegal immigrant’s bid to practice law

By Maura Dolan

August 12, 2012,0,2182329.story


Capitol Media Services: Arizona wants federal judge to reject new bid to block illegal immigration law

By Howard Fischer

August 12, 2012


Fox News Latino: Border Agents Convicted in Smuggling Case

August 11, 2012


New York Times (Editorial): Down Payment on a Dream

By August 10, 2012


Janesville Gazette (Opinion):  Confusion over Obama’s immigration changes

By Esther Cepeda

August 12, 2012


ABC News (Opinion): Paul Ryan Pick Targets Conservative Republican Base, Dowd Says

By Matthew Dowd

August 11, 2012


The Weekly Standard (Opinion): Go for the Gold, Mitt!

By Stephen Hayes and William Kristol

August 13, 2012


The Hill (Blog): Polarized language limits chances for real immigration reform

Courtesy of America’s Voice

By Kathleen Smith

August 10, 2012




The Times-Picayune: Immigrant halts deportation after challenging Border Patrol arrest

By Katy Reckdahl

August 10, 2012

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Past President American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), In-the-Trenches practicing immigration Attorney, Blogger, Activist, Photographer, Educator, World Traveler. All opinions are my own.

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