#Immigration Clips



Associated Press: Romney had mixed record on immigration in Mass.

By Steve Leblanc and Andrew Miga

July 23, 2012



Huffington Post Latino Voices: Number Of Unregistered Latino Voters Large Enough To Transform Red States Into Swing States

By Janell Ross 

July 22, 2012



Wall Street Journal: Hispanics Take a Page From ’60s to Add Clout

By Gary Fields

July 20, 2012



Associated Press: ACLU: Emails Show Racial Bias in Immigration Law

July 21, 2012



NPR: Immigration, The Gold Mountain And A Wedding Photo

By Tasnim Shamma

July 21, 2012



New York Times (Editorial): In Arpaio’s Arizona, They Fought Back

By Lawrence Downes

July 21, 2012



New York Times (Editorial): A Challenge to a Brutal Anti-Latino Law

July 20, 2012



CNN (Opinion): GOP’s Obama obsession will lose it the election

By Maria Cardona

July 20, 2012



National Journal (Opinion): Romney’s Veepstakes: Searching for Mr. (or Ms.) Right

By Gwen Ifil

July 20, 2012



Chicago Tribune (Opinion): Let’s be serious about voter suppression

By Leonard Pitts

July 23, 2012



Forbes (Blog): High-Skilled Immigration Restrictions Are Economically Senseless

By David Bier

July 21, 2012





The Gadsden Times: Civil rights hearing on anti-illegal immigration law lists more than a dozen speakers

By Dana Beyerle

July 20, 2012



Associated Press: Va wants tough immigration curb; it’s already law

By Bob Lewis

July 22, 2012



Des Moines Register: Des Moines rally celebrates new immigration rule for young people

By Clark Kauffman

July 21, 2012



Associated Press (Illinois): Immigration authorities arrest 44 in Illinois

July 21, 2012


About David Leopold
Past President American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), In-the-Trenches practicing immigration Attorney, Blogger, Activist, Photographer, Educator, World Traveler. All opinions are my own.

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