#Immigration Headlines

Huffington Post (Blog): The Moment of Truth Is Near

By David Leopold

Posted: 02/ 7/2012 3:27 pm



Huffington Post Latino Voices (Blog): After Nevada: Placing Bets on the Latino Vote in November

By Maribel Hastings

February 7, 2012



Huffington Post Latino Voices (Blog): Colorado: While Immigration May Not Be a Major Issue for GOP, It May Be Decisive with Latino Voters

By Adam Luna

February 8, 2012



Univision: Analysis: Pete Wilson could become Romney’s Latino albatross

By Jordan Fabian

February 7, 2012



San Francisco Chronicle: Latino groups say Pete Wilson endorsement will sting Mitt Romney; Romney blasts Prop. 8 ruling

February 7, 2012





Fox News Latino: Colorado Holds Caucus as Romney and Santorum Make Final Pitches

February 7, 2012



USA Today: Colorado looks like a solid purple state for fall election

By Jackie Kucinich

February 8, 2012



Huffington Post: Immigrant Advocates Skeptical On New DHS Public Advocate Position

By Elise Foley

February 7, 2012



Huffington Post: Alabama Immigration Law’s Opponents Seek Allies In Business Sector

By Anna Staver

February 7, 2012



Fox News Latino: Rights Advocates Ask Automakers to Help Fight Alabama Immigration Law

February 7, 2012



Associated Press: Activists to repeat Selma, Ala. ‘Bloody Sunday’ march to protest new state voter ID laws

February 7, 2012



Associated Press: Valentine’s Day rally planned at Alabama Statehouse over immigration law

February 8, 2012



Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Obama administration eyeing Georgia’s immigration law

By Jeremy Redmon

February 7, 2012



Los Angeles Times: Detained immigrants with mental illnesses face barriers in court

By Paloma Esquivel

February 7, 2012



San Jose Mercury News (Opinion): Romney could be in trouble with California’s Latinos

By Thomas Elias

February 7, 2012



Huffington Post (Blog): Appealing to the Right on Anti-Immigration May Not Produce Victory

By Judith Browne Dianis

February 7, 2012



Press-Register (Opinion): Immigration the ‘must see’ political fight of 2012 session

By George Talbot

February 8, 2012





Salt Lake Tribune: Immigration bill would sanction those hiring undocumented workers

By David Montero

February 7, 2012



Associated Press-Missouri: Springfield narrowly approves requiring employers to check employees’ immigration status

February 8, 2012



Contra Costa Times: California immigration crackdown campaign to enlist American Legion members

By Matt O’Brien

February 7, 2012



Associated Press-New Hampshire: NH committee recommends killing immigration checks

February 7, 2012


About David Leopold
Past President American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), In-the-Trenches practicing immigration Attorney, Blogger, Activist, Photographer, Educator, World Traveler. All opinions are my own.

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